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Bill O’Reilly Lies While Responding To Jon Stewart

Reported by Priscilla - August 21, 2009 -

On Wednesday evening, August 19th, Jon Stewart provided a brilliant smack down on the hypocrisy and double standard of Fox News (something we frequently point out here on News Hounds). He satirized Fox News as being “liberal” because they seemed to have the characteristics that the talking potato heads on Fox accuse liberals of possessing. After playing Sean Hannity’s comment that “liberals do make themselves out to victims,” he then played good Christian Gretchen Carlson’s comment that “in this PC society, Christians are the easy target.” Last night, (August 20th) Bill O’Reilly attempted to rebut Stewart by providing “context” about the comedy segment in which Stewart totally ripped Fox a new one. In attempting to prove that Stewart was misrepresenting the truth, Bill O’Reilly proved, once again, that he is a liar.

Stewart was right on target when he deftly pointed out the Fox hypocrisy of liberals as victims. The clip of Gretchen Carlson’s comment was a great example of the ongoing meme, on Fox News, of Christians being persecuted by nefarious secular forces. Nobody knows that better than me as I have written numerous threads about how Fox&Friends, especially Gretchen Carlson, whine about persecuted Christians. (here, here, here, here, here) Last week and this week, I wrote about those poor Christians, at a Pensacola school, who are being harassed by the evil ACLU. Bill O’Reilly ("culture warrior" forever fighting the "war on Christmas.") has also taken up the old rugged cross of Christian persecution. He frequently alludes to how liberals (particularly gays) are trying to impose their godless ways onto good Christian folks who would never sexually harass an employee with lurid phone conversations. I recall that he was quite incensed about the atheist sign in Seattle and whined about it with Gretchen Carlson who asserted “this is a complete insult to Christianity.” As Jon Stewart said “somebody call me a whambulance.”

So Bill O’Reilly, defender of the faith, attempts to do some splaining. He says (get this) that “here’s what Gretchen Carlson really said in a discussion about media attacks on Christians DURING HOLY WEEK” (Christian “victims?”) and then played the video of the Factor discussion, which Stewart used a section from, in which Carlson said, “Christians are the easy targets, they’re not going to do it to Muslims, they’re not going to do it to Jews, they shouldn’t do it to Christians either.” Bill, looking smug, repeated her words and said “absolutely true. Perhaps even Jon Stewart would agree.” (hmm, don’t think so Bill).

But here’s the thing – The discussion, titled “Godless America,” that Bill O’Reilly had (April 9th), with Gretchen Carlson and Lauren Green, was about godless Hollywood liberals who influence children with their mocking of Christianity (Was Bill channeling Joe McCarthy who wasn't fond of “Hollywood Jews?”) Bill, a great example of morality, claimed that it was religious Christians and Jews who are standing against gay marriage and abortion – a claim that would offend liberal Jews and Protestant (clergy included) who do support these things. Bill did add, after Carlson’s comment about nobody is “doing it to Muslims,” that anyone who did “might get their house blown up.” (Bill working in the perfunctory “Christian” slam on Muslims).

But AT NO TIME, was “Holy Week” mentioned during the discussion. (Maybe the viewers were supposed to have made the connection?) Bill didn’t provide context. HE LIED.

The whine about persecuted Christians, during Holy Week, was done during Fox&Friends - not the show which Bill is using to rebut Stewart with "context" LOL!