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Glenn Beck Admits Insurance Premiums For His Own Business Have Skyrocketed

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 20, 2009 -

Reported by Hula

On Monday (August 17th) Glenn Beck staged a private "town hall" with the theme of "The Death of Small Business". Many of Beck's confederates spoke but few were identified. This was a unanimous “feel bad” session highlighted with a repeating chyron pimping the theme, complete with a "Death of Small Business" tombstone. With Video.

Beck and his guests engaged in a politically charged, grim assessment of the state of small business - with “small business” owners like Patrick Byrne, the CEO of OverStock.com. Apparently OverStock.com is a small business...small business!?

Key numbers for Overstock.com for fiscal year ending December, 2008:

Employees: 1,036

Employee growth: 22.7%

Sales: $834.4M

One year growth: 9.8%

Net income: $12.7 M

”Oddly” enough, Glenn thanked him for the shipment he just received for his wife. No collusion there. Nor, I’m sure, are any of these facts relevant:

- Patrick Byrne contributed $5000 to Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth in 2004;

- Patrick Byrne helped to bankroll the group First Class Education who are behind the so-called 65% solution, a conservative project designed to dismantle anything progressive about public education;

- Patrick Byrne is Utah’s largest political donor

- Patrick Byrne is, apparently, every bit as nutty as Beck.

But I’m sure the fact that Byrne is an off-the wall, far-right, Republican fat cat who buys political influence in his home state had nothing to do with his appearance on Beck’s show about the death of “Mom and Pop businesses”.

At one point Beck brought up his own small business example, Mercury Radio Arts. From 2002 to 2007, his radio show grew from 40 radio affiliates to 270, and the company also created a website, a magazine, a stage tour business, and several other ventures including his own national TV show. That’s just for starters . Small business? Well, he was in jeans.

Beck elaborated on his health insurance rates for Mercury Radio Arts employees: in the past two years, the cost went up over 87%. Poor Glenn is complaining that his private insurance rates are very high!

If only there was a government sponsored low cost option...