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Cavuto Repeats Fox News' Unfair, Unbalanced Attack On Barney Frank

Reported by Ellen - August 20, 2009 -

As Priscilla reported earlier Wednesday (8/19/09), Fox & Friends made a point of portraying Barney Frank as rude to his constituents by airing a clip of him reaming out a town hall attendee who compared President Obama to Hitler. But Fox & Friends failed to note that the protester had a picture comparing Obama to Hitler, failed to note that Frank is Jewish, insisting, instead, that Frank had given “attitude” instead of “answers.” Media Matters caught href="http://mediamatters.org/blog/200908190059">Judge Andrew Napolitano, substituting for Glenn Beck, pulling that ploy, too. Later that day, Neil Cavuto made the same unfair, unbalanced attack on Frank. With video.

“Here I thought it was me. All this time I thought Barney Frank just yelled and got nasty with me,” Cavuto began in his “Common Sense” segment. “I had my reasons,” Cavuto said, by way of introducing a montage showing Frank being abrupt and argumentative with Cavuto. Just like the woman with the Obama/Nazi picture, we never saw much of the context that may have prompted Frank to become testy with Cavuto. But given FNC’s consistent hostility toward Frank, it’s hard to blame Frank for being combative when he goes on the network. We even saw Cavuto being combative toward him. But apparently, on Fox, antagonism toward political opponents is a one way street – justified when the target is a Democrat and abhorrent under any circumstances when the shoe is on the other foot.

“Barney Frank doesn’t only pull this act on me, he pulls it on his own constituents,” Cavuto continued. Cavuto played the same clip of Frank as Fox & Friends, without the Obama/Hitler picture and without the “Nazi” reference in her question.

“The bottom line, Frank doesn’t like to be challenged,” Cavuto continued, pushing the same distorted meme as Fox & Friends had. “They’re taxpayers, he just doesn’t care,” Cavuto said.

Similar sentiments showed up on Hannity the night before.