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"Democratic" Fox News Guest Attacks Obama's Health Care Reform With A Slew Of Falsehoods, All Unchallenged

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 19, 2009 -

On Tuesday's (8/18.09) Your World, Neil Cavuto interviewed nurse Anna Barone about the Obama health plan. Barone was introduced as a “registered Democrat.” But Cavuto forgot to mention that she has been involved in a number of conservative causes, most recently firedavidletterman.com, which gave her a previous appearance on Fox News. Sure enough, “Democrat” Barone was soon touting anti-Obama, anti-health care reform talking points, wrongly claiming the health care reform bill “caters to non-citizens,” that it will cost young people $4,000 and other falsehoods that went unchallenged by Cavuto. With video.

Barone said "If people go online and look at this bill, they will be sick. It caters to non-citizens, you’re going to have to pay $2500 if you don't want this plan. Also, it doesn't benefit senior citizens, it doesn't benefit young people. Today I heard a doctor say that young people, they need to wake up. Because young people are going to have to pay $4000. It's not going to be free, nothing is for free, nothing."

Where did Barone get her “facts” and figures from? She seems to have gotten the “catering to non-citizens” claims from a chain email which was thoroughly debunked and labeled as “Pants on Fire” by Politifact.com’s Truth-O-Meter. Politifact also pointed out that the bill specifically excludes “undocumented aliens.” As for the $4,000, Politifact noted that while there is no detailed Senate plan yet, “The House versions of the bill would help pay for the health plan with a surtax on high earners.”

Cavuto challenged none of her assertions, other than to offer “the argument” that “if we don’t do something, it’s gonna get worse” and then "asking" if we're being scared into health care reform.

"The people voted President Obama in. He’s not listening to the people. The American people are saying, ‘I don't want this plan. Why are you intruding in my life?'” She forgot to mention that numerous polls show that Americans do, in fact, want a public option. Cavuto did not correct her.

Instead, he prompted her to tell horror stories about government run health care by saying, “I hear from many registered nurses who say, ‘If you think we’re overwhelmed now, we’re really going to be overwhelmed if this comes to pass.’ What do they mean by that?”

Barone replied, "Well, you go into the emergency room, you have to wait at least 5-6 hours, no matter what your injury is, other than a heart attack… God forbid it’s free or it’s universal, you have to wait in the emergency room, probably for two or three days. You’re going to have to go on a waiting list." Another dubious, unsupported claim from Barone and another pass from Cavuto.

Cavuto did note that the health care situation is getting to the point where the government will probably have to do something.

Barone was really on a roll now. “Well… (the government will) tell you what procedure you’re gonna have. Do you want government telling you?” Another “pants on fire” falsehood that Barone seems to have gotten from the chain email.

Another falsehood left unchallenged by Cavuto though he did put forth another “argument,” this time that “the government already does have a lot of this stuff.”

Cavuto did, however, take the time to probe Barone’s voting habits and to elicit why she had not voted for Obama last November.

“I just felt like he was a salesman and not a president,” Barone noted, as the interview closed.

Co-authored by Brian and Ellen