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Fox&Friends Continue To Support Persecuted Florida Christians, Praise The Lord!!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - August 18, 2009 -

Cue the heavenly choir cuz there’s a culture war going on and the good Christians on Fox&Friends are on the side of the angels. This morning, Fox&Friends did a piece on yet another persecuted Christian who is, coincidentally, from the same Florida school district where the evil ACLU is persecuting the Principal and the Athletic Director who were featured in last week’s Fox&Friends persecuted Christian segment. When it comes to persecuted Christians, all pretense of “real journalism, fair and balanced” is abandoned as part of the ongoing crusade to save America from the satanic clutches of the librul agenda which is epitomized by the evil ACLU. It’s a heavy cross; but Fox&Friends have taken it up and for that we all give thanks. If you want that old time religion, just tune into Fox&Friends!!!

Good Christian Gretchen Carlson breathlessly began the segment by saying “you’re not going to believe this.” It appears that a student body president was not allowed to speak at her graduation despite a history of past student body presidents having that role. Good Christian Doocy said that she attended a school which has “has come under fire from the ACLU for religious expression.” He added, “We told you last week about how they were cracking down on the principal and the athlectic director because they said grace. (There is far more to the issue which, last week, Doocy conveniently omitted.) He said, to the aggrieved former student body president, Mary Allen, that the “ACLU has really cracked down on your school. They struck a deal. They hauled your school into court.” As I noted in last week’s thread, this school, known as “Baptist Academy” has a long history of forcing Christianity on students including this, from the court papers: “The Pace High School teachers handbook actually told teachers to ‘embrace every opportunity to inculcate, by precept and example, the practice of every Christian virtue’.” Doocy repeated (again leaving out key details) how last week, Fox&Friends had spoken to the principal and athletic director who said grace before the meal and now they face jail time. Gretchen just couldn’t understand this because “on its face, it sounds so ridiculous and asked Mary to help her understand: “The school knew you are a Christian and they thought you might say something religious. I don’t get it.” Mary talked about the consent decree while a photo of students with crosses on their mortarboards was shown beside a photo of teens with uplifted hands who were either praying or begging. She claimed (nobody there to rebut) that she was told that because her teachers voted in the selection, and the vote could have been based on religious principals, it wasn’t a neutral process as mandated by the decree. Doocy said “oh, brother," while Carlson said it sounds “like a PC mess.” Doocy asserted (no partisanship here, nosireee) “this is crazy but a deal that they had to strike with the ACLU. But ironically the ACLU which forced the school to make these provisions is saying that’s not what we had in mind.” (The ACLU didn’t “force” the school to doing anything. A court issued the consent decree which the school agreed to. I don't know if the ACLU is really "saying" what Doocy claims as he provided no proof). Mary felt that the school board was doing a CYA in case she talked about religion at the commencement. To good Christian Gretchen’s question about whether she was going to say anything religious, she said “uh, yeah.” Good Christian Steve asked her to say what she would have said and naturally it was thanking God. Carlson indignantly said, in support, “how dare you say that…this is so ridiculous that we have come to this point in society. Where thanking god would be not allowed, it’s absolutely ridiculous.” Doocy said that he has been to two high school graduation ceremonies for his children "and the speakers thanked god…that is nuts.” Gretchen just shook her pretty blond head while Steve thanked Mary for saying what you wanted to say.

Comment: As an example of partisan “journalism” this was a classic. Not only did Doocy and Carlson not bother to cite information which supported the court findings - not only did they neglect to include anyone from the ACLU or the parents of the students who brought the case – they expressed full support for this student whose claim was not able to be rebutted. They might as well have said they were praying for her. Interestingly, this "persecution" of the school has become quite the cause celebre in the local Christian community. Nice that Fox is helping to promote it. But Christian soldiers who are marching as to (culture) war, don’t need to worry cuz Fox&Friends has their back. How ironic that on the reality based morning show, Morning Joe, Ben Kingsley was talking about his new movie which deals in the gray areas of sectarian violence. But on Fox&Friends it’s Christians and librul lions and nothing in between. Fox News does love its persecuted Christians!

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Which one is the most biased?