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Even Without The Public Option, They’re Still Attacking Obama On Fox

Reported by Ellen - August 18, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On yesterday’s Your World (8/17/09), Neil Cavuto hosted Sen. Jim DeMint in a segment Fox called “’We’ve Got A Shot’” meaning, there’s a shot at stopping health care reform. Instead of working to effect any bipartisan reform, DeMint (with little to no challenge from Cavuto) argued that Obama was still going to engineer “government takeover of health care” but with a different name. With video.

"Whatever they call it, Neil, this is a government takeover,” DeMint said. “They may try to call it a co-op, they can call it a public option, but you know they're all on record saying they want a single-payer government system, so any Republican now that helps them pass a bill is helping them pass a government takeover of health care… They don't want insurance reform at this point. What they want is more government control of our health care system.”

Cavuto said, "So you think by … nixing the public option per se, that these co-ops are in fact a public option. They are a government entity."

DeMint said, "They are a government sponsored enterprise or what I call Fannie Med in every state. It's clear Howard Dean wants the Senate to pass anything so it can go to conference with the House so they can rewrite the bill the way they want ." He said if Republicans pass it they would be "betraying the American people."

"You're arguing that (by calling) it by another name, people might be hoodwinked into thinking the public option is out when in fact it's still very much in there?" Cavuto asked.

"It is more government control no matter how much you look at it,
DeMint said. “And if you try to set up a quasi-government co-operative at every state level to compete with the individual insurance companies, that makes absolutely no sense when all we have to do is take away the barriers to interstate competition, and force these insurance companies to compete with hundreds of companies all over the country."

Comment: The Republicans have no health plan, they just want to block anything Obama plans to do; they want him to fail at all costs.