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Is Katy Abram A “Great American” Or A Liar?

Reported by Priscilla - August 17, 2009 -

While watching Katy Weber Abram being interviewed by Sean Hannity, the lyrics of an old Steely Dan song, Dr. Wu, came to mind: “Katy tried I was halfway crucified…Katy lies…” Katy Abram is the “mom” who got all into Senator Arlan Specter’s face, at a Pennsylvania “town hall” meeting, with a barely coherent, tearful and rambling litany about socialism, communism, the Constitution being ignored, and wanting her country back. This is the moronic mantra that we’ve heard from Katy’s fellow Townhaller, Teabaggers, and the crowds who attended McCain/Palin rallies where the Vice-Presidential candidate echoed the same barely coherent talking points. Seems their America ain’t what it used to be and they’re angry. (Katy did add a new talking point about rationing toilet paper.) But move over, Sam the non plumber, cuz your 15 minutes are so up - now that a simple, Christian mom from Pennsylvania has boarded the train of righteous, right wing victimhood. It’s not suprising that she appeared on Sean Hannity where she was treated reverentially while she treated the audience to more barely coherent, and ugly talking points, while presenting herself as a political neophyte. Trouble is Katy lied.

Like the bizarre man interviewed by Megyn Kelly, who alluded to people who were out to get him, Katy (sitting next to her husband Samuel D. Abram, Jr.) started the interview by claiming that she is getting cell phone calls accusing her of being a racist. When Hannity asked her if that’s happened a lot she said it happened just one time but she’s concerned that it will happen some more. (Katy lied, she isn’t receiving phone calls - plural). She thanked all those who called her in support. Hannity referenced her “sleeping giant” comment and said “you’ve never been interested in politics, until recently." Explain this. Katie didn’t explain it (because it’s a lie); but said how she’s overwhelmed and “this has been a long day.” Some sobs then giggles. Despite Rush Limbaugh saying that Democrats are Nazis, Townhaller comparisons of Obama to Hitler, and a swastika painted on the office door of African American member of Congress from Georgia, Hannity implied that those who support health care reform are doing the Nazi catcalls:“Referring to people as Nazis, brown shirts, political terrorists, Katy you don’t look like a mobster to me. You’re not part of any organized, group, right?" Sweet Katy, wearing her cross so you’ll know she’s a Christian, said that she hangs with “friends who are like minded.” She asserted that “I’m just a normal person” while Sam said “she’s on a mission” to open Specters eyes. (Uh, it’s a little more than that) The claim was made that the movement isn’t “Astroturf” and it’s about trying to address the sweeping changes in health care (Really?) in health care. Hannity asked if she was happy about her performance. He laughed as she spoke of watching herself on You Tube. Constitutional scholar Katy accused Spector of telling a “bold faced lie” when he said he legislates according to the constitution. She said that she told Spector that George Washington is rolling over in his grave because this is not what the constitution wrote. (Uh, Katy, the Constitution didn’t write anything) But then came the ugly anger: "this is not a welfare state…you don’t need handouts from the government." Validation from Hannity came with “I’m listening to your passion and we’ve seen this all over the country.” (Hannity wasn’t impressed with the passion of the those who protested the Iraq war!) She went on about how she used to be liberal who voted for Clinton (regrets it) and supported abortion until she started working as a photojournalist and saw how much money is taken out in taxes…blah, blah, blah, right wing talking points, yadda, yadda, yadda. Hannity said that they were “great Americans who inspired a lot of people. He appreciated their “having the courage to do what you did today. You inspired more people than you can imagine."

Comment: Katy is a liar. She is connected to an organized group and is not a political newcomer. She’s been “meeting up” with conservatives since 2006.("recently?") As noted by Joan Walsh, in Salon, “she's a leader of the 9/12 group, setting up its networking site on Ning, greeting new members, inviting folks to events at her home and elsewhere – and last night, after her star turn, comparing her cause to that of Martin Luther King Jr.” She’s pushing 9-12 tchotchke. She even wrote a book review, under her husband’s name, (lie?) for Sean Hannity’s “Deliver us from evil.” And her major, at Bloomsburg University, was mass communication so she must have learned something about current events. So despite the image that she cultivates, that she is (as described by one of her conservative pals who was at the PA rally) a "stay at home mom," she's not. Katy lies. But then so does Fox News. Hmmm, a past major in communications, attractive TV presence (apart from the waterworks!). Is there a job at Fox News in the future?