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Beck: "They're Trying to Make Deathers Sound Like Crazy Conspiracy Nuts"

Reported by Alex - August 17, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Hula

Last week (Friday, August 14th) Glenn Beck once again made the case that President Obama will implement euthanasia. As absurd as this sounds, Beck is following up on his segment from earlier in the week in which he used his own daughter's medical condition, and fear tactics complete with Nazi WWII footage, to back up his bizarre claim. With video.

Beck's hyperbole has a life of its own, despite independent findings that what Sarah Palin calls "death panels" is a hoax,despite the fact that the media have debunked the death panels -- more than 40 times over -- and despite statements to the contrary by those who have worked on the end-of-life provision in the bill:

Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson, a Republican who co-sponsored the Medicare End-of-Life Planning Act in 2007 and proposed an amendment similar to the House bill's provision during the Senate health committee's markup of its health-care bill, termed Palin's interpretation "nuts" and noted that all 50 states have laws allowing end-of-life directives.
And Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., who authored the House provision on end-of-life counseling, said he is astounded that Palin has not tempered her bleak descriptions. "It's deliberate at this point," he said. "If she wasn't deliberately lying at the beginning, she is deliberately allowing a terrible falsehood to be spread with her name."

But never one to let facts get in the way of a good rant, Beck makes the claim that "The ‘deather’ part of the bill..I believe it came from the White House", and then goes on, with much eye-rolling and air-quoting, to say that the “deather” provision is equivalent to a British National Health Service plan called NICE (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence. Good going, Glenn, considering that (1) there is no such thing as a “death clause” to begin with, and (2) NICE bears no resemblance to the end-of-life counseling provision from which Palin, with her usual uncanny insight and intelligence, deduced that seniors will be subject to triage by “death panels”.

Beck tries to connect the dots:

Am I wrong in saying, without any inflammatory speech here, don't call them death panels, lets just call them what they are: you have a certain amount of money, a certain amount of people, you can't, they don't, you can't give everything to everybody, isn't it inevitable that you have to make tough choices?

Beck's guest, pro-insurance spokesman Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky Taxpayers United, had a solution for reforming health care: Extending your contract over several years! He compares health insurance to calculators when they first came out: the longer it's around and the more competition there is, the cheaper it’ll be. And nestled into the video (which was edited for time), try and find Beck’s solution to the health care crisis: let the rich evil doctors treat the sick for a tax break.

Once again, as is the norm, Beck fails to provide a single opposing view to his agenda of scaring the old and disabled, many of whom have no choice but to have Fox on their TVs. Glenn either ignores the facts or is perpetuating a lie despite them. You decide.