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Bill O’Reilly’s Narcissism Shines Through Once Again

Reported by Priscilla - August 14, 2009 -

A “Narcissistic Personality” is one who has a “grandiose sense of self importance” and who “expects to be recognized as superior.” These characteristics would seem to describe Bill O’Reilly whose greatest fan is Bill O’Reilly. Bill’s ego (and one assumes other body parts) appears to have a pathological need to be “stroked.” (ewww) As such, his interview segment on August 10th, was yet another shameless display of America’s narcissistic Daddy’s self promotion while seeking the adulation of others. And like “culture warriors” and a new Factor segment, “Dumb and Dumber” (which features Juliette Huddy and another young woman whose first name is Faith) it was yet another “threesome” in which Bill got to play the alpha male – which could be part of the “authoritarian” aspect of narcissism. Narcissists are also hyper sensitive to the criticism of others and that was the reason for the interview. It seems that poor Bill has been criticized from both the left and right about his “What Children Can Learn From Obama” article. The women he spoke with assured him that his article was good and the criticism was unfair. While satisfying the requirement of fair and balanced (One woman liberal, the other conservative) the whole segment was vaguely discomforting – dare I say creepy? But as a textbook example of the “Narcissistic Personality” it was spot on!

Forgot to mention the title of the Fox video - "Where's The Love" - Nuff said!

Captions???? Be Creative!