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Steve Doocy Does “The Fox Reach Around” With Persecuted Christians

Reported by Priscilla - August 13, 2009 -

As I noted in a past thread, Fox&Friends loves persecuted Christians – as well as Hooters gals. Yesterday’s Fox&Friends featured both Hooter’s Gals and (drum roll please) persecuted Christians. Steve Doocy did his godly duty by interviewing two Christians (and their lawyer) who are being thrown to the lions by the ungodly ACLU. Not surprisingly there was a lot of “Fox reach around” in that Doocy agreed with every point made by these martyrs and this just reinforced the Fox&Friends propaganda meme of poor, persecuted Christians. Hopefully the victims of this librul oppression can log onto the Fox website and sign up for a chance to win some spirit filled “Hooters” angelic wings!

In yet another indication of the Fox demographic, Steve Doocy interviewed the principal of a Florida school who is in some trouble because he, allegedly, ignored a court injunction about prayer at school facilities. Doocy presented in very simple terms; i.e. that Frank Lay, asked his athletic director to say a prayer, over the food, at a luncheon for school personnel and members of the community who were helpful in the construction of a new school field house. Doocy claimed that the principal “didn’t know that he was doing anything wrong” (Really???) and is now facing jail time for violating a court order banning prayer in Santa Rosa County public schools. Doocy then introduced Lay, the athlectic director, and the lawyer for the Liberty Council which specializes in persecuted Christian cases. Doocy summed up the issue without alluding to the long history of school/religion problems at a public school which was, due to the promotion of religious beliefs, known as “the Baptist Academy.” When Doocy questioned Lay about what he asked the athletic director to do, Lay responded that he requested that the director “bless the food.” Ready for the reach around? Here it is with Doocy’s response: “as simple as that, something that we do at our house, people do it their houses around the world.” (Uh, Steve, I don’t think Islamic or Buddhist societies do it. There are many Christians who don’t). He asked the athletic director what he did and Robert Freeman said that “he blessed the food like Americans do across this nation, Congress, legislative bodies" (Uh, that’s the invocation – not grace before meals. But maybe there’s a lot of praying at legislative three martini lunches.) “My friend of forty years asked me to bless the food and I did.” Doocy said “yeah.” Badda Boom – reach around complete. Doocy’s question allowed Lay to say that this is what he’s been doing for years – no mention of the problems that have been encountered because of what he’s been doing “for years.” Doocy didn’t interrupt with any questions about the history of school prayer issues; but rather said “sure.” Lay said that the folks there “expected the food to be blessed.” Doocy said “absolutely.” However, not all were pleased about this as shown by a School Board member who “couldn’t believe her ears” and reported the incident to the District’s lawyers.

Doocy read part of the ACLU statement which referenced how parents, and not the schools just be responsible for their religious education” and exclaimed, to the lawyer, that there were no students at the luncheon. The attorney, Harry Mihet, said that it was an adult gathering for those who appreciated the construction of the new field house. He said that “it was a sad in the life of this country” that this happened to “two outstanding men” who served their community “are treated like common criminals” and this is an example of “how radical the ACLU has become.” But then came the best part when Doocy asked Lay what would happen if he (Lay) was walking down the corridor of the school and a student sneezed and “you said God Bless You.” Good Christian Steve shook his head in dismay when Lay said that “under the consent decree, he could be possibly chastised for that.” Doocy sighed and said “man.” (Comment: So here we have the perfunctory anti ACLU statement along with Doocy's utter trivialization and misrepresentation of the issue. Praise the Lord!)

Comment: No bias, here, nosirreee!!!! It was all good Christian “Fox Reach Around.” If Doocy were not a partisan hack for the religious right, he could have mentioned that the latest complaint is the culmination with what the court feels is the inappropriate infusion of religion into the public sphere at a school which, according to last year’s complaint, allowed teachers and staff to preach about “Judgement Day” and do Bible readings in class. He could have interviewed somebody from the ACLU or a student who was offended by the apparent imposition of Christian belief at the school Whether or not the “blessing of the food” is a violation of the court injunction is up to the court. Meanwhile, Steve Doocy showed that he is a loyal Christian soldier whose sacred duty is to provide just one side of the gospel of the persecuted Christians.