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Bill O’Reilly Discusses New Miley Cyrus “Pole Dance”

Reported by Priscilla - August 13, 2009 -

After discussing the question, on last night's Factor's "Back of the Book segment, of whether there is racism involved in the town hall protests (Bill doesn’t see it – but then he “doesn’t see color,” right?) the talk moved on to the new video, from the Teen Choice Awards, in which teen queen Miley Cyrus danced on top of an ice cream cart prop. There has been some question (not just on Fox) regarding Cyrus’ movement around the pole which “some say” is “pole dancing” and not appropriate for a 16 year old and her adolescent audience. Bill described it as risqué (nothing like what he features almost weekly on Culture Warriors, nosirreee!!). He mentioned that “she’s got the short pants on” while claiming not to know what the pole was about. Bill asked Jane Skinner and Courtney Friel for their opinion and so it went. The title of the video is “selling sex” (nothing like what’s on the Culture Warriors, nosirreee!!!). So with that in mind, check out the attire of the two women (why does Bill seem to love speaking with women about teh sexy?). Jane Skinner was attired in lovely business professional. Courtney Friel not so much. (There’s a song about the month of June from that great musical “Carousel”….) Anyway, Bill played quite a bit of Cyrus’ video. That Bill is interested in a 16 year old’s “risqué” video is just a bit creepy????