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Steve Doocy And Tucker Carlson Do "The Fox Reach Around" On Fox&Friends

Reported by Priscilla - August 12, 2009 -

The term “reach-around” does have a certain – ah – connotation which implies a stimulatory action involving mutual satisfaction. I’ve coined the phrase the “Fox reach around” because the Fox program hosts do seem to engage in a metaphorical “reach around” in that they, rather than challenge the guest, agree with the guest by rephrasing (“reaching around”) the guest’s right wing talking point The guest subsequently agrees with what the host says and that makes everybody happy. Thus, the point is made, restated, and affirmed with the total effect being a reinforcement of whatever meme is being pushed. The propaganda beat goes on. So metaphorically speaking, it’s a verbal reach around. This morning, Steve Doocy and Tucker Carlson engaged in the “Fox Reach Around” when they reinforced each others points, during the weekly propaganda piece, “The Trouble With Textbooks,” while doing a lot of giggling. So I guess it was good for them.

The title of the video says it all “Say It Ain’t So, Liberals Lobby To Remove Words From Your Kids Textbooks.” Within a few seconds, Steve Doocy established the right wing talking point theme of the video: “We’ve been telling you about words that liberals are lobbying to take out of our children’s textbooks.” Naturally, Doocy didn’t say which liberals are doing this or where this is taking place. He listed a few more words “that are gonna knock your socks off.” Famous “dick” Tucker Carlson claimed that “the point of textbooks under the activist left is not to describe the way the world is; but to hope for the way it should be…” (Kinda like Fox News and Teabaggers, Tucker?) "and sometimes that entails changing history when the facts are inconvient.” (Oh, the irony!) In the background, Doocy was giggling. Tucker obviously has a problem with the demise of the white, Christian, male power structure because he claimed that these unnamed groups want to change Adam and Eve to Eve and Adam to imply that women are in control. (Oh, Tucker, we should be so lucky!) In a classic, Fox “reach around,” (interviewer takes what interviewee says and rephrases it which, in turn, stimulates the speaker to agree – message reinforced) Doocy said that “they’re not just rewriting textbooks, they’re rewriting parts of the Bible.” Tucker laughed uproariously. (Seriously, guys, get a room!). “Scripture itself, that’s right.” According to Carlson, there is no more “grandfather clause” because that, according to Carlson, is sexist. The new phrase is “retroactive coverage.” Tucker said that “sportsmanship” is out because it has the “dreaded word man” in it. As he said the replacement, “sporting conduct,” Doocy breathlessly intoned, “you gotta be kidding me.” For Carlson, the replacement of jungle, with the more scientifically correct “rain forest” or “savannah” “reeks of political correctness.” As Carlson joked about no more “George of the Jungle,” Doocy, looking quite verklempt (oh, a foreign word, - am I being too liberal?), said “I wish you were making this up. Tucker Carlson talking about how they are trying to take these words out of our kids textbooks.” (Who is "they" are what, exactly are "they" doing?) Carlson affirmed that with “oh, yes” and them pimped his hour long documentary about which Doocy said “we’ll be promoting.”

Chyrons – “Seriously, Groups Have A Problem With These Words.”
"Toning Down Reality, Are Textbooks Becoming Too PC?"

Comment: Once again, Tucker Carlson claimed, without anyone there to rebut the point, that unnamed liberals are trying to ban words. His claim seems to be based on a book about diversity which he mentioned two weeks ago. The book, “Reflecting Diversity” is a guideline for publishers. Ergo, NOBODY IS BANNING OR TRYING TO BAN ANYTHING – something you won’t hear on this program which is seeking to push the bogus “culture war” about evil librul trying to steal your child’s soul. What Tucker is sourcing from (without context) are merely suggestions for more scientific and gender terms to be used. Again, no banning! But Fox News provided him with the visual which said “banned” over the words he cited - as well as reinforcing chyrons. Doocy, with his commentary, set the theme which is that liberals are "lobbying" to "ban words" with nothing to substantiate this except Carlson's say so. Doocy didn’t ask him who these unnamed liberals were and what evidence exists to prove Carlson’s allegation that liberals are “banning words” and, according to Carlson, impose their evil “agenda.” Nope, it was just one big verbal “reach-around” to reinforce the weekly propaganda. I know that Carlson doesn’t like big words so I guess I’ll just call him a poopy-head.