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Fox&Friends - Where Family Values Meet "Hooters"

Reported by Priscilla - August 12, 2009 -

I don't know if Fox News and "Hooters," the restaurant chain featuring buxom babes bearing Buffalo Wings, is a sponsor of Fox&Friends; but if they're not, they should be because Fox&Friends does love the "Hooters." Yup, the same gang that thinks that Christians are persecuted and there's not enough Jesus in public school textbooks has no problem with a little titillating T&A to spice up the morning for good Christian daddies and their pubescent sons - man needs being very important in a patriarchy. (BTW, I'm being snarky). As a feminist, I find it a little discomforting that women are hired, not for their mental abilities, but for their mammaries. However, it's a way to make a living and it's a free country. What is interesting is that Fox&Friends can be so prudishly religious and yet feature the scantilly clad women that many pastors might find objectionable - or would they? Hmmm? This morning's Fox&Friends "Hooters" promotion enticed viewers with the possibility of winning $50 worth of "Hooters" wings by visiting the Fox&Friends website. LOL, a monetary reward is the only reason to visit the website because if you're looking for cogent and incisive political commentary, fogetaboutit! BTW, was it my imagination or was the chyron, at one point, strategically placed? Usually, the chyrons are on the very bottom of the screen. Anyway, there's something for everyone on Fox&Friends!