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Was It Something We Said?

Reported by Ellen - August 11, 2009 -

Sean Hannity and his tender psyche seemed just a tad distraught yesterday (8/10/09) over liberal bloggers who monitor him and Fox News. Media Matters caught Hannity on his radio show ranting that a conservative caller will probably go on liberals’ “enemies list” thanks to “some liberal monitoring this program." Hannity added, "And, by the way, folks, that is what we have lived under for years. We have this sick, psychotic, twisted individuals, in their underwear, in a basement, being funded, you know, by George Soros types, whose job is to monitor talk radio and the Fox News Channel and hope that Sean Hannity or some other host says one word, one sentence, one phrase that can be misperceived or taken out of context, to destroy us. Well, now they want to destroy the American people. Now, we’re all going to be ratting on each other.” (H/T Priscilla) Audio after the jump.

Hannity's objection to "ratting" seems to go only one way. Later that night, Hannity urged his viewers to bring their cell phones to town hall meetings so they could "chronicle just how the Democratic Party really feels about America and Americans and free speech."