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Does Hannity Want Viewers To Snitch On Their Neighbors?

Reported by Ellen - August 11, 2009 -

What a difference a weekend makes. On Friday night, Sean Hannity demonized the White House’s “Fight the Smears” campaign with the distortion that President Obama wants Americans to “snitch” on their neighbors. But last night (8/10/09), Hannity asked his viewers to film town halls in order to demonize Democrats. “Patriotic” Hannity said about his fellow citizens, “This is where your cell phones come in very handy at these events, so you can chronicle just how the Democratic Party really feels about America and Americans and free speech.” With video.

The video below is from an interview with a man who filmed an unruly town hall meeting that Hannity used as just one of his night-long attacks on Democrats. You’ll note that white rights enthusiast Hannity asked the cameraman hopefully, “Was there any evidence of ACORN there?” before he asked about the welfare of someone he was supposedly concerned about.