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Dick Morris Urges Viewers To Act Up At Town Hall Meetings And "Terrorize" Blue Dog Democrats

Reported by Ellen - August 11, 2009 -

Another night of Hannity, another program full of divisiveness and demonization rather than a real discussion of health care reform. Last night (8/10/09), in concert with Republican and conservative organizations' efforts to disrupt town halls (which Fox News doesn’t have the honesty to own up to, yet never denies), Fox News contributor Dick Morris urged viewers not to be "nice and polite" and to "terrorize" Blue Dog Democrats. With video.

The segment with Morris started with the predictable distortion by Sean Hannity accusing Nancy Pelosi of saying that town hall protesters are “un-American,” even though he had just read the actual quote in which Pelosi and Steny Hoyer had said, “These DISRUPTIONS… drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.”

Hannity whined that Democrats “compared us to Nazis, they’ve called us brown shirts, crazed mobsters.” Quick, somebody call a whambulance for Hannity’s delicate widdle feewings. I guess that means he’ll no longer be accusing Democrats of undermining the troops and emboldening the enemies when they speak out against Republicans; that he’ll be telling Ann Coulter during her next appearance (assuming she’s not in jail for voter fraud) to tone it down when she accuses liberals of hating marriage and the nuclear family; and I’m sure he’ll be challenging Mark Levin the next time he suggests President Obama likes terrorists better than conservatives.

“All in an effort to shut down dissent,” Hannity smeared. “The president, himself, wants everyone to shut up,” Hannity dubiously claimed. I guess that’s why AP reported earlier in the day, "We are having a vigorous debate in the United States, and I think that's a healthy thing," (Obama) said, repeating that thought three times.”

Morris picked up the ball by adding his own dubious claim that health care reform would cut Medicare, that it’s “a dagger aimed at the heart of the elderly.” It’s a charge disputed by the National Economic Council. Yet no rebuttal was provided.

“I would urge people to go to these town meetings,” Morris continued. After digressing to plug his book and to raise money for anti-health care-reform ads, he said, “Go to the meetings and don’t listen to the people, some of whom spoke earlier on this station, that you should be very nice and polite and stick your hand up and ask mild-mannered questions. Nonsense! These people are trying to take away your health care in six weeks!”

Following his accusations of Friday night, Hannity claimed that Obama is urging Democrats to “infiltrate” Democratic members’ town halls “to create a confrontation.” Hannity “asked,” “Are they creating a scenario where… violence (is) erupting at some of these meetings? Are they creating that by purposely trying to silence and intimidate regular citizens?”

“I think they are,” Morris answered.

Hannity called Democrats “a bunch of gutless weasels” for canceling town hall meetings. That's tough talk from the bullyboy chickenhawk who literally ran away (and did nothing to help his companions) when confronted with Ron Paul supporters in New Hampshire.

Hannity asked where the Blue Dog Democrats will end up on health care, with Pelosi and Reid “twisting their arm.”

Morris said, with ominous suggestion, “If they are not terrorized (my emphasis) during August, by the public outpouring, and they don’t have thousands and thousands of handwritten letters on their doorstep waiting for them when they return from the August recess, they’ll fold. But if they absolutely get an outpouring of public opinion, I think we can win this thing.”

Morris, who seems obsessed with preventing expansion of coverage because he thinks he might go without, said he didn’t care whether there’s a public option or not. The problem, he said, is, “Too many patients and too few doctors and that’s common to all these bills.” In other words, his end game is to make sure not too many people get health care. Not even Hannity goes there.

Morris concluded, “Senior citizens are upset about the plug being pulled on their health care. And naturally they’re reacting viscerally. They should! They need to!” So long as it’s the people already getting health care doing the protesting, eh, Dick?