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Fox News Revs Up The Spin Machine To Attack Pelosi And Defend Town Hall Disrupters

Reported by Priscilla - August 10, 2009 -

Nancy Pelosi, in an op-ed in USA Today, expressed her concern about protesters who are trying disrupt and stop meaningful discourse about health care reform. She made the legitimate point that “drowning out opposing views is un-American.” Not surprisingly, Fox News immediately got their spin machine running at full speed to twist Pelosi’s comment and defend those who are trying to “townhall” congressional representatives at town hall meetings by disrupting the messenger because they don’t like the message. Yup, the same folks who aren’t fans of Code Pink (who are way less rowdy than this crew) and students who protested Bush administration officials are defending those who use the same tactics. We’ve truly gone through the looking glass into an Orwellian bizarro world where black is white and we all love town halling teabaggers who are now being seen as victims of that evil, librul Nancy Pelosi. And un-American? Read on to see the rich irony!!

This morning, Fox&Friends’ Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson got their nice, white panties in a wad over a comment that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made in a USA op-ed; i.e. that …”drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.” Both Carlson and Doocy, despite having read the actual comment, claimed that Pelosi was saying that anyone who opposes her view is un-American. Doocy asked the text (leading) question: “is it un-American to debate health care?” Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly wasted no time in interviewing a Georgia Republican about Pelosi’s comment while the chyron read “GOP Reacts to Blasting Health Care Critics.” Not Surprisingly, Rep Tom Price said that “what’s in the bill isn’t what American people want and that’s why they’re voicing their concerns.” (Loudly and Rudely, I, and not Hemmer and Kelly, might add) The last half of the segment began with Kelly introducing a man who, according to Kelly, “is apparently labeled un-American.” Not surprisingly this man opposes health care reform and was “voicing concern” by screaming at Michigan Rep. John Dingell. The guy was really strange as he ranted about how he’s willing to go to jail to defend himself against nameless entities who are harassing him - so watch the video. But ya gotta love how Fox News was so quick in picking up Pelosi’s comment and spinning it.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see what could be seen as a bit of a Fox double standard. Here’s Bill O’Reilly speaking about a group “Not In Our Name” that took out an ad in the NY Times against the Iraq War. After saying that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell’s statements about God having a hand in 9-11 were un-American, he turned to the right in denigrating the left:

“Now comes another bit of un-American propaganda, this time from the left and it is no less outrageous”

“The Not In Our Name group apparently sees America as the brutal oppressor. And I think this opinion is un-American in time of war”.

“This is dishonest, disgusting and un-American, period.”

I doubt that he then interviewed an anti war Democratic member of congress in order for them to say that they were “voicing their opinion” – as opposed to drowning out debate! Think that other Fox pundits were upset about O’Reilly’s characterization of those with opposing views as “un-American?” Don’t think so; but I could be wrong. And are the Fox News “talking heads” upset that Rush Limbaugh referred to Democrats as “Nazis” – way worse than “un-American.” Don’t think so. But now that those on the disruptive right side of the aisle are being justifiably called out for behavior that isn’t in accordance with respect for the first amendment, it’s different strokes for different folks. Or as they say, they can give it; but they just can’t take it. But I do have to give Fox News credit for a rapid response of lies, propaganda, and hypocrisy. The beat goes on…..