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Is Fox Nation Encouraging More Anti Abortion Violence?

Reported by Priscilla - August 9, 2009 -

Do these people have no sense of decency? I ask the question about both Fox Nation posters and Fox Nation moderators who have allowed a very questionable comment on one their threads which was posted yesterday afternoon and is still there. Not only are abortion clinics and doctors constantly faced with vandalism and threats of violence, there have been too many murders of abortion providers (one quite recently) by crazed religious zealots who would love to take us back to the “good old days” of women bleeding in back alleys. Fox’s Bill O’Reilly reinforced that “right to life” meme of Dr.Tiller as “baby killer” even after the man, who provided a safe and legal medical procedure to women who weren’t (as Bill expressed it) just having a bad hair day, was shot in church. So now we have Fox Nation allowing a comment, on a thread about assisted suicide in Oregon, which gives the name and office address (which would make it easy to find his home address) of an “abortion doctor using federal funds for murder.” There is no sourcing – just an insane allegation, from an anti abortion crazy, which means that this unfortunate physician will now be targeted by the same crazies who still think that murdering an abortion provider is a sacred duty and thus constitutes “justifiable homicide.” Just when you think that Fox Nation can’t stoop any lower.

Address blocked so as not to reinforce the craziness.