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Fox Nation Wishes Obama A Happy Birthday - By Hoping It's His Last

Reported by Ellen - August 9, 2009 -

Reader Jon K. notified us about this charming little comment from Fox Nation's Happy Birthday, Mr. President! thread. The comment reads, "Hope it's your last!!" Comments on Fox Nation, which boasts about its commitment to civil discourse and tolerance, are moderated, so someone approved that comment before it went up on the site. Although Jon sent it to us yesterday, August 8, the comment was originally posted on August 5, which means it has remained there for at least three days. Even worse, the comment above it, also posted August 5, complains, "Some of my posts don't make it, and yet the one below me (Obama will) die is considered OK by the moderators." Jon's screen grab indicates the "hope it's your last" comment has been reported already but it is still there, as of the writing of this post. So there's no way the Fox Nation reader's death wish for Obama could have escaped the moderator's notice. Screen grab of both comments after the jump.