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Glenn Beck Invokes 9-11 While Attacking Virginia Saudi Academy

Reported by Priscilla - August 7, 2009 -

One aspect of the propaganda pushed by Fox News is that when they latch onto something “hot,” it’s reinforced by other shows in case the viewers don’t get the message the first time. Yesterday, Fox&Friends did a hit piece on an American Saudi school in Fairfax Virginia which was granted permission, by the local zoning board, to expand. It appears that Glenn Beck started the ball rolling earlier in the week with his hit piece which was brief – but clownish. But then didn’t Beck describe himself as a rodeo clown?

During a “Use Your Head” segment which is about how the media and government are “not using their head” Beck provided his presumably nativist viewers with some “red meat” about the scary Muslim school. (Beck has some problems with Islam as he once asked Muslim US Congressional Rep. Keith Ellison to prove that he “wasn’t working with our enemies.") In addition to the “reporting,” Glenn also provided viewers with clownish gestures and grimaces to add some spice to the story. (He’s so energetic. What kind of “vitamins” does he take, cuz I want some!) He began by saying that the “only Saudi fund school in America” (he repeated, slowly, “Saudi – funded – school” while gesticulating) “the Islamic Saudi Academy” (barely able to contain a laugh) “just won approval from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to expand its campus.” Doing a silly voice he said that “some critics were concerned about the traffic while others were concerned about Islamic law, anti-American, blah, blah, blah.” He added that “county officials were concerned about zoning issues not what goes on in the schools classrooms.” (So in a comedic way, the anti Islamic propaganda was delivered with “funny” vague statements about “Islamic law” – baddaboom). He said “whew” while doing a funny hand gesture. Beck referenced the Washington Post’s report that the school has revised its curriculum about martyrdom and militant Jihad. He worked in a 9-11 reference when he said, in an affected voice, “as late as 2007, I might point out six years” (voice getting louder) “after the World Trade Centers were a pile of dust, one textbook said that the killing of apostates and adulterers was justified.” (He did air quotes around “was justified”). More silly voice with “students and teachers say the school doesn’t teach intolerance and violence” (chuckling) “no.” He then told his viewers about the graduate (the man’s entire Islamic name was used) of the school who was sentenced to life in prison for plotting to kill the president. More silly voice with “don’t worry about it, Virginia, because traffic around that school will be fine.” Beck "reported" (such as it is) nay chortled about another graduate (used full Islamic name) who was recently arrested for allegedly trying to board a plane with a kitchen knife. (Mike Huckabee's son was once arrested after he was discovered to have, at Little Rock Airport check in, a loaded glock pistol in his luggage. Should his high school be scrutinized?)The monologue took an ever weirder turn with this: “What, you have a problem trying to board a plane with a 7 inch kitchen knife, what you don’t have a 7 inch kitchen knife, what you don’t have a 7 inch kitchen knife in your house” (actually Glenn, I do. It’s a really good “Sabatier”) “you don’t have a kitchen.” “Helloo”. (hands go up) “hate monger alert, maybe he needed to chop up some carrots on the plane, you don’t know.” (Gee, I wonder if Glenn will do a piece on American Domestic Terrorist, Randall Terry’s latest warning about how there will be more anti abortion violence?)

Comment: If you want good comic satire based on real news, watch Stewart and Colbert. Beck is not a comedian unless he’s playing on the militia circuit and his “news” is pure propaganda aimed at those white folks who, as Frank Rich so deftly points out, are scared of the ongoing diversification of this country. While Stewart and Colbert do skewer public officials they are not doing so to reinforce a culture of victimhood. They are not trying to divide America and foment more hatred of “the other” by playing to the basest instincts of those who fear and loathe whatever and whomever is different. They are not trying to create mob scenes. But Beck is a just “rodeo clown” who, as such, should be diverting the bull – not directing it. Go figure!