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Steve Doocy and Tucker (“Dick”) Carlson Do Propaganda Piece On Liberal “Thought Police” – ROFLMAO!!!

Reported by Priscilla - August 6, 2009 -

Yep, I’m laughing my tuckus off because today’s Fox&Friends, which is on board with infusing librul American education with America and Jesus loving right wing revisionist history (google Fox&Friends, Larry Schweikart, textbooks, propaganda, News Hounds) did yet another, right wing propaganda piece on “language police targeting schools” (title of graphic). It’s ironic, don’t ya think! As part of their ongoing series, “The Trouble With Textbooks, “ Fox&Friends offered up, yet another propaganda piece from the network that couches its lexicon in every Frank Luntz “focus group” right wing tested phrase. Yep, the network that brings us “homicide bomber” and “cap and tax” has a problem with non existent librul “thought police.” As I say, it’s ironic, don’t ya think?

Steve Doocy, who didn’t send his son to bible college but the rather cosmopolitan Villanova, introduced the segment by referring to last week’s piece on words that “liberal groups want banned.” Lie alert – last week, Tucker Carlson discussed a book which suggests substituting, in school texts, what they feel are more correct and gender neutral usages of words and phrases (Tucker and Steve had a real problem with gender neutrality) – end of story. Doocy added that “you won’t believe the words they have a problem with now. The chyron – “Seriously, Groups Have A Problem With These Words.” Famous “dick” Tucker Carlson chimed in about how words that used to be OK aren’t any more because of “the people who write textbooks” who determine which words are “politically correct.” The chyron – “Banned, Words You Won’t See In Kids Textbooks.” According to Tucker and the graphic the word “poor” is banned. I assume that Carlson is still referring to the suggestions in the same book that he sourced from last week; but the impression, for the viewers, is that evil librul schools are “banning this word.” Doocy did the Fox propaganda thing that Bill Hemmer did last week by repeating what Carlson said so that Carlson could affirm it. (Henceforth, I christen this methodology, “The Fox Reach Around.”) Naturally we didn’t get any context about these “banned” phrases. Doocy was amazed that, according to Carlson (who thought this was very amusing), the new phrase for "minorities" is “historically underrepresented groups.” (Certainly not the circles Carlson travels in!) Chyron – Banned!!!!! Words You Won’t See In Children’s Textbooks.” Carlson and Doocy had a laugh about “teenager” being replaced by less colloquial “adolescent.” That “Americans” should be replaced with the “people of the United States” was a problem for Tucker who doesn’t, I guess, realize that the “America’s” include lots of countries other than the USA. But Carlson’s last sentence was a gem, "it’s very hard to convince people that their political points of view are wrong. It’s much easier to sell propaganda to children.” That Fox sells propaganda to adults doesn’t seem to be a problem for Tucker whose presence on Fox&Friends is part of their attempt to pimp his upcoming propaganda piece about those evil libruls (textbook publishers) who are trying to control the children. (cue the X Files theme!) Being “fair and balanced,” Doocy said “I wish you were kidding” ( Uh, yeah, he really is; but he doesn’t think so) “but I know that you’re not pulling our leg.” (Uh, yeah, he really is; but he doesn’t think so). And are ya ready for the “Fox Reach Around” from Doocy? Here it is “they’ve been trying to scrub those words from the textbooks.”

Comment: You wanna talk “thought police?” Here we have a segment in which Tucker Carlson alleges that words are being “scrubbed” from textbooks with no actually examples. Fox affirms the premise with visuals and verbals. Nothing is being banned; but you wouldn't know it from this piece. At least Larry Shweikart had examples, bizarre though they were, of actual books. Tucker Carlson had nothing except his say so. Ergo, as was said in “Plan 9 From Outer Space” – “that proves it.” Perhaps I should use the more scientifically correct term fecal matter to describe the content of this ongoing “Trouble With Textbooks” right wing propaganda series. Nah, let’s just say it’s full of shit!