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Rather Than Rebut DNC Accusations, Hannity And His Hate Brigade Ratchet Up The Health Care Hostilities

Reported by Ellen - August 6, 2009 -

Sean Hannity was in a bullyboy lather about the DNC’s attempts at fighting back against the mob-like disruptions at Democratic town hall events. Instead of presenting the kind of fair and balanced, “we report, you decide” presentation Fox News boasts about, Hannity ignored the threatening atmosphere these mobs have created and doubled down on the hate mongering. Michelle Malkin and Jonah Goldberg enthusiastically helped him ratchet up the demonization. Goldberg went so far as to accuse President Obama of being “un-American.” Oh, and the one thing none of them did? Deny the DNC’s accusations that the disruptions are part of an orchestrated campaign by the GOP are false. With video.

Judging from the loud-mouthed vitriol, I’ve got to conclude that Hannity and his hate brigade must feel that the recent DNC web ad responding to the unruly mobs at town halls is very effective.

“Democrats are now chastising anybody with an opinion,” Hannity misinformed. He proceeded to play the DNC ad which states, “Desperate Republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs just like they did during the election. Their goal: destroy President Obama and stop the change Americans voted for overwhelmingly in November… This mob activity is straight from the playbook of high-level Republican political operatives. They have no plan for moving our country forward, so they’ve called out the mob.” The DNC asks viewers to call the GOP and “Tell them you’ve had enough of the mob.”

By the way, the GOP phone number is 202-863-8500, Press 2 at the prompt. Don’t press button 1, the button they tell you to use if you’re calling in response to the DNC ad; it will just refer you back to the DNC. But the mailbox for "2," leaving a general comment, was full when I called, albeit after hours.

Hannity misinformed again, saying, “Democrats are alleging that the countless Americans that we have seen speaking their minds at town halls around this country are funded by special interest groups.”

Actually, no, the Democrats are alleging that well-funded special interest groups are organizing and fomenting the angry mobs. And, as a matter of fact, Fox News is actively helping out.

Instead of interviewing a GOP official or any of the officials of the organizations involved, Hannity brought on Hater #1, Michelle Malkin.

With her characteristic sourpuss sneer, Malkin pronounced the DNC ad “the mother of all smear campaigns by the Democrat National Committee.” And having justified, in her own mind, her righteousness, she proceeded to spend the next five minutes or so of the segment smearing and attacking Democrats with her ugly invective and then looking down her nose at THEM for smearing. “It’s demonize your opponent,” Malkin said, without a trace of irony, as if she has ever made a public appearance doing anything but.

And funny, but I didn’t hear her offer any evidence, beyond her say so (when, last I checked, she has no official role in the Republican Party or any of the other groups reportedly involved) that the DNC ad’s accusations are false.

Instead, Malkin went on with her priggish attacks on Democrats. “They’re completely ignorant and tone deaf of the movement. And… again, it’s classic projection from true mobsters. What did we see over the last 8 years but anti-war zealots shutting down ROTC offices and harassing Marines.” Hon, don’t you think that’s a tad exaggerated, even for you?

But Malkin was on a supercilious roll now, complaining about “mobsters” (meaning, Democrats, presumably) “shut(ting) down speech on campuses. You didn’t hear a peep from all of these delicate people who are now concerned about raucous behavior.” She actually curled her lip, something I thought only happened in novels.

Hannity joined in the hate mongering, complaining about an “elitist liberal mentality.” That’s showing true love for America, eh? And coming from the multimillionaire, living in a multimillion dollar mansion, who brags about “only” paying $80 for sneakers, makes fun of those who attend public schools and charges $50,000 in travel expenses when he speaks for “free,” I’d say his “regular guy” days are long behind him.

Malkin, however, bought it hook, line and sinker. “This kind of class warfare and denigration is a hallmark of the culture of corruption,” she sneered again. Excuse me, but who was bringing up the class warfare here? Her voice rising with condescension, she added, “All they can do now is try and redefine participatory democracy as some kind of THREAT to the democracy that we’re trying to save.”

After Malkin, came Hater #2, Jonah Goldberg who started out by bumping up the needle on the hate-o-meter. Neatly sidestepping the issue of astroturfing the health care debate, Goldberg obfuscated, along with Hannity, by suggesting that a White House request that Americans pass along “fishy” health care emails or web postings is a “bizarre and fundamentally Un-American act of desperation.”

He went on to baselessly accuse the White House of trying to wipe out dissent. “It’s a very creepy, weird situation,” Goldberg said. Actually, what’s creepy and weird is that he would accuse the president of being un-American (is Goldberg going to start in on the birther conspiracy next?) while completely distorting what he was doing. What the White House was suggesting was similar to its “Fight the smears” effort that it conducted during the 2008 presidential election.

Not to be outdone on the hate-o-meter, Hannity added, “It almost sounds like a secret police where citizens now report on each other, doesn’t it?”

Goldberg continued, “The White House, I really think, is sort of in a death rattle on this… They’re lashing out in ways that make them look terrible… It’s an amazing act of desperation."

Project much, Goldberg? How good do you think you and Hannity look here? And for all your crowing about Obama's loss in the polls, Republicans are still far behind Democrats.

“This is almost unprecedented,” Hannity proclaimed, in full Hanctimonious mode. “...Let’s look at these people… the "angry mobs"… This is an elderly woman.”

Nice diversion but the point is not that anyone is a plant. The point is that right wing groups are organizing and fomenting this kind of disruption designed to stop and intimidate Democrats. In all that fog of hate, nobody- not Hannity, not Malkin, not Goldberg - denied that that’s what’s going on.