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Fox&Friends Propaganda Piece Claims Virginia Saudi School Is A “Terrorist Academy”

Reported by Priscilla - August 6, 2009 -

In addition to death and taxes, we can count on one other very consistent thing and that’s the nativist propaganda on Fox&Friends – a program that just loves to preach about good Christians who are being offended and bad Muslims who should be offended by the propaganda on Fox&Friends. Actually, any sentient being with at least a mild brain wave should be offended by the basic stupidity of Fox&Friends which offers “real America” a daily dose of dreck! Yesterday morning they had their sights on a Saudi school in Fairfax Virginia – a school which they dubbed “Terror High.”

The beginning chyron set the tone: “Terror High, Extremist School Get A Pass.” Are ya scared, yet? Beacon of tolerance and paragon of wisdom, Steve Doocy explained that the scary zoning board of Fairfax Virginia just voted to approve the expansion of the Islamic Saudi Academy. Then the propaganda (drum roll please), “it apparently has close links, critics say, to terrorism.” (So who are “they,” Steve?) Steve just couldn’t understand how this school, “whose most famous graduate is in jail for life for a plot to kill President Bush get an approval to expand.” (So using that “logic,” the school that Reagan shooter Hinckley attended shouldn’t be allowed to expand?) To offer commentary Doocy brought in – no, not somebody on the zoning board, a county official, or somebody from the school – but Fairfax, Virginia fundamentalist pastor, David R Stokes who is also a broadcaster (Christian radio) and writes for (conservative) Town Hall and whose last article was a bunch of whining about the Saudi Academy titled “Support Your Local Sharia.” Stokes is also a fan of Jack Bauer. (Whom would Jesus torture?) He is not a fan of the school and has written other articles about them in which the "famous graduate" is mentioned.

In reply to Doocy’s question about his objection to the question, he replied that a former Christian school on the property was denied permission to expand because of traffic concerns that didn’t sway the zoning board member swho voted for the Sauid school expansion. He then whined (Christians are so persecuted) that the zoning board has been tough on Christian schools regarding expansion issues. The chyron read “Terror High Expansion Approved, Critics Question Board’s Decision.” Note – No quotation around “terror high.” It is written as fact. He said “the camel in the room is the issue of Wahaabism and teaching of Sharia law and some of these things are of great concern to citizens.” Doocy reinforced the propaganda with “over the years a number of citizens said look textbooks are coming right out of Saudi Arabia (Aren’t they allies?) with a bunch of stuff that American’s don’t stand for; but then the Saudis counter, OK, we fixed the textbooks.” (Right Steve, the early nativists didn’t like Catholic school Catechism, either) The chyron read “High School or Sharia, Questionable Lessons at Islamic Schools.” Stokes didn’t buy that the Saudis fixed the textbooks and said that the curriculum is Saudi funded. Doocy nodded his head in affirmation. Stokes added "lurking beneath it is the whole issue of anti-Semitism, anti Christian stuff.” He claimed that they have a doctrine that says that they can lie about this and being that there was no Muslim offering counterpoint, the audience is left with pastor’s word – which, of course, in “real America” is gospel. To get the audience even more scared, the chyron read “Danger Next Door, Resident Angry With Zoning Board.” Doocy wanted to know why the board approved this and asked “are they trying to look a certain way.” (?) Naturally, Stokes agreed and said that some on the zoning board, who voted against the measure due to traffic concerns, said “we can’t oppose this because of curriculum. That’s not on the table.” He added that those who voted for it “did so out of a liberal notion of multi culturalism."

Comment: Nice, hot, steaming piece of propaganda here. If Doocy had bothered to read the “Fairfax Times” he would have seen the comment from a Country Supervisor that said that the school was a “good neighbor” and the comment from another who said the area is “fortunate in Fairfax County to have you as an educational alternative.” But that wouldn’t fit the propaganda. Can you imagine the indignation of Fox News folks if Keith Olbermann did a piece about a Christian school with visuals that described it as “extremist Christian wingnut” school – and you couldn’t blame them because that would be as unfounded and offensive as describing this school as a “terror academy.” Doocy presented classic "some say" Fox propaganda and played the perfunctory fear of Islam card when he mentioned those nebulous beings who claim that “terrorism” is connected to the school. As a feminist, I’m not a fan of Wahaabism; but if this school is in compliance with local regulations, it has every right to exist as do “Christian” schools that teach things that I don’t agree with. Hopefully, after this broadcast, the Fairfax zoning board members won’t be getting harassing e-mails because Fox&Friends, at least with textbooks, encourage activism. And as we have seen with Scott Roeder, American Christians sometimes engage in acts of terrorism - not that you'd know that by watching Fox&Friends!