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Jon Stewart Understands Fox News Propaganda

Reported by Priscilla - August 5, 2009 -

He and his writers get it – they really, really do. They understand the not so subliminal way that Fox News structures its “spin.” They know that it’s not just about interviewing two sides (a process that usually guarantees smiley face for one side only) - but rather, clever structure and stylistics that involve the promotion and the subsequent reinforcement of an idea. Bill Hemmer’s rephrasing of his Republican guest's right wing talking point on health care was a good example of this kind of circular methodology. Hemmer, however, didn’t start the ball rolling. As shown in this Daily Show clip, Fox News is partly responsible for stoking (whoops, encouraging) right wing (whoops, populist) "astroturf" (whoops, grass-roots) groups to disrupt (whoops, pose questions) town hall meetings about health care. Daily adroitly deconstructs the spin and Orwellian reversal of reality. Black is white, white is black, and we all love Fox News. Take it down, Jon!

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