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Bill O’Reilly Gets Into Sex & Drugs In “Disney World” Amsterdam (Where Statistics Are Done Differently)

Reported by Priscilla - August 4, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly is a “traditionalist” who fears and loathes the liberal “secular-progressive” and gay agenda which he sees as destroying the moral fabric of America as we know it. But his voyeuristic focus on these issues makes it look as though he doth protesteth too much. Bill has been known to say some lewd things to at least one employee and his literary work does reveal a certain – ah – vivid imagination which produced some steamy scenes. As I have noted, he does seem to have a fascination with shapely ladies – an obsession which generates more than a few videos and discussion – all in the name of hard hitting journalism, of course ;)! One wonders what Bill was thinking when he played the entirety of the Carl Junior’s Hamburger ad with beautiful Padma Lakshmi sensually eating a hamburger. America’s Daddy also likes to talk about places that are, in his twisted mind, decadent. He even sent his producer to San Francisco to show how the librul residents are sufficiently outraged about the resident decadence. So it wasn’t surprising that on last night’s culture warrior segment, Bill took us back to Amerstdam for a stimulating (for Bill anyway) discussion about just how baaad they are and deserve a spanking… (wait a minute, I’m channeling Bill!!!!)

Bill started out by reminding views of his last segment on Amsterdam which I reported on and in which I used the term “titillation.” (Ah, the more things change, yadda, yadda) In a stunningly ROFL moment, Bill claimed that the reason he did the piece was because “some secular progressives want to turn the USA into a permissive culture like Western Europe. That’s what driving the drug legalization deal, gay and plural marriage, light sentences for convicted criminals.” (Yeah Bill, wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a tolerant society in which sexually repressed “traditionalist” family values males didn’t need to get their freak on by constantly talking about the evils of permissiveness!) Bill added that “the picture that we painted was of a permissive city; but the left doesn’t see it that way.” (Huh?) Bill then showed a piece of the last Amstedam segment in which he reported that brothels are being shut down because of organized crime and Margaret Hoover said that the permissiveness “hasn’t worked.” He proceeded with a “propaganda” (Oh, the irony) tourist video which had some stats about Amsterdam that he takes issue with. He added that the mayor of Amsterdam has initiated a “sweeping crackdown” on organized crime and showed an AP quote from December 2008?

So he began the discussion with his blonde "warriors," Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover by saying, again, that “many far left “secular-progressives” would love to have that kind of culture and indeed San Francisco is approaching that.” (Yeah, Baby!) O’Reilly and Hoover said that the tourist video “conveniently cut out” that “all organized crime is coming to Amsterdam.” (Huh?) He showed some “red light” footage and made the ridiculous claim that the stats showing low drug usage in Holland are “done differently” than in the USA. (WTF?) Bill claimed that “every questionable person in Europe heads to Amsterdam because it’s all there.” (Bill, who has been to Amsterdam, knows this how?) He added that’s “a Disney World for those people.” When Gretchen Carlson (showing a lot of leg) said that more people in America smoke marijuana Bill, who has trouble with statistics, said that Holland is smaller and they do statistics differently. Although Bill “doesn’t care what happens in the Netherlands, this is coming here.” (Yeah, Baby) “It’s coming” (no comment!) “This is what they want, the secular progressives.” During the discussion, a video of the ladies of the red light district and people smoking dope was shown. (So scary!)

Bill’s next discussion involved a sex ring in Oklahoma. (Oh, no – not “real” America!). Bill claimed that “we have to report on this, every night.” (Actually, Bill, you don’t!) Bill was shocked that women were running the sex ring and blamed the internet for “opening these crazy doors” and allowing people “to act on this stuff where before they hid in the basement.” (Is that where Bill hangs out with his porno collection?) Bill tied it in with Amsterdam when he said “if you see all this stuff constantly it becomes mainstream.” (I guess we need to keep it in the basement where it’s more fun!) Statistician Bill claimed that there are 10 times as many predators as when he was a kid. (Right, that’s because if kids disclosed sexual abuse, especially by priests, they wouldn’t be believed. Society hasn’t changed. Reporting and prosecution has.)

Comment: Bill is such a know it all; but he obviously doesn’t know that scary, decadent, librul Holland’s life expectancy is 29th in life expectancy while the USA is 46. And while the format was “fair and balanced,” as the women provided effective rebuttal, it was, once again, a study in the (abnormal?) psychology of Bill O’Reilly for whom the nun’s admontitions against “dirty thoughts” didn’t rub off. (Sorry, I shouldn’t use “rub” and “Bill O’Reilly” in the same sentence!). Why do I hear the strains of Rick James’ “Super Freak?”