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What’s Not On Fox News And Fox Nation? Possible Domestic Terrorism!

Reported by Priscilla - August 3, 2009 -

Can you imagine how Fox News and Fox Nation would react if a Muslim were caught taking photos of an Air Force base while carrying XM-15 assault rifle, a shotgun, and 500 rounds of ammunition?! Why Sean Hannity would be calling for the immediate incaceration of every Muslim within a radius of 1,000 miles, Bill O’Reilly (who blacklisted a Seattle newspaper because they didn't publish photos of those who turned out not to be terrorists) would blame liberals, and Glenn Beck would bray about this being proof of the end of days. Fox Nation would have a huge lede on which “the nation” would post their hatred of Islam. So check this out. Long Island Resident and mother of three, Nancy Genovese was arrested for doing just that. And it seems that this wasn’t the first time that she was caught in the act. Is she some radical Al Qaeda member who is embarking on a jihad which seeks to destroy Christian America? Uh – no. In fact she is a big fan of Glenn Beck and is convinced that FEMA concentration camps are being built as we speak. I guess she’s one of those patriotic, Jesus lovin, gun toting, free white American conservatives who are being unfairly targeted by Homeland Security! As she states on her MySpace page, .."You have awakened us, and a patriotic spirit so strong and so powerful. It had been sleeping too long. You have pushed us too far" - so it's all good. But if you google her name on Fox News and Fox Nation you’ll come up with bupkis, nada, rien, nothing.

H/T Crooks and Liars.

**Sentence amended to reflect that it is Ms. Genovese who believes in the concentration camps as reflected by internet comments she has made. Beck, it should be noted, has said that he doesn't believe in this and actually told that to Ms. Genovese when she called his show. My sentence structure indicated that it was Beck who promotes the FEMA paranoia and that is inaccurate.