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Juan Williams Slams Beck’s Accusation That Obama Is A Racist: “I Was Just Stunned By That”

Reported by Ellen - August 3, 2009 -

Juan Williams was a guest on C-Span’s In Depth program yesterday (8/2/09). During the three-hour interview, Williams was repeatedly challenged about the racism and divisiveness on Fox. Mostly, he praised his colleagues, which was to be expected. But when asked about Glenn Beck’s recent accusation that President Barack Obama is a racist, Williams didn’t hold back. “I was just stunned by that… I don’t understand it… I think in that situation, people are just saying things to stir the pot or to create an audience for themselves, ‘cause I don’t see it. There’s no reality to that.” With video.

Williams went on to say, “First of all, obviously, his mother’s white and his father’s black. And obviously, he’s raised by white grandparents. And obviously, he’s gone to schools that were majority white from the time he was in prep school, through Columbia and Harvard. And I’ve never heard that from anybody. Not even when he was in the pews of Rev. Wright, and Rev. Wright’s over there spewing racial invective, making outrageous statements. Barack Obama never behaved in any such way that would make you think that he espoused or believed or held to his heart some racist attitudes?

“So… I think a lot of that is simple grandstanding, making outrageous statements, provocateur Glenn Beck – at his best. But I don’t think there’s any reality to it. There’s a big difference between a personality show and a news show. And that’s a personality-driven presentation.”

But the thing is, personality driven or not, it’s supposed to be a news show and one would think you could count on a news show to be truthful.