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Colbert Skewers Tucker ("dick") Carlson

Reported by Priscilla - August 2, 2009 -

One assumes that Stephen Colbert's writers, like News Hounds, monitor Fox News programs as the pieces of populist pablum on the "F word network" provide an abundance of riches for the stunning satire that is featured on "The Colbert Report." Or perhaps the writers are familiar with News Hounds and check us out for what's hot and what's not on that paragon of "fair and balanced" journalism (?) Fox News. At any rate, like your humble correspondent, somebody in the Colbert Nation Headquarters must have seen or heard about famous "dick" Tucker Carlson's latest appearance on the Fox&Friends wingnut propaganda series, "The Trouble With Textbooks" - an appearance during which he articulated the perfunctory palaver about nasty, evil librul, textbooks being the downfall of patriarchal American civilization as we know it and also got to have his upcoming propaganda piece pimped. Colbert, in his "Wag of the Finger, Tip of the Hat" segment, earlier this week, opined on Carlson's presentation. One thing is for sure, Carlson might have ditched the bow tie; but he's still, as noted by Jon Stewart, part of a media effort to "hurt America" and still a "Dick" - and as noted by Stephen Colbert, a "father f#@cker!"

Colbert Video Below the Fold - Enjoy!

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