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Family Research Council To Reward O'Reilly's Hate Mongering WIth "Media Courage Award"

Reported by Ellen - August 1, 2009 -

For his rabid hate mongering which preceded the murder of abortion physician, Dr. George Tiller, the Family Research Council is going to award Bill O'Reilly with its first ever "Media Courage Award."

As we've reported many times, O'Reilly spent years attacking and demonizing Dr. George Tiller for the "crime" of performing late-term abortions that were perfectly legal. In the wake of Dr. Tiller's assassination, many eyes turned to O'Reilly and the role his smear campaign may have played in the killing.

But those good Christians at the Family Research Council think O'Reilly's crusade of hate - which ended with a brutal death - helped to "promote life." Think Progress notes that FRC President Tony Perkins explained its award by specifically saluting O'Reilly's attacks coverage:

Bill O’Reilly has never shied away from denouncing late-term abortions and the handful of doctors who perform them. In the aftermath of George Tiller’s murder, O’Reilly became an easy target for the liberal media who tried to pin some of the blame on Bill, saying he incited the violence by decrying these unnecessary procedures on his show. Despite the unfair allegations, O’Reilly spoke the truth, bringing new light to a gruesome procedure. On behalf of our co-sponsors and millions of values voters, we want to express our gratitude to a culture warrior who uses his national platform to promote life–no matter what the personal or professional costs.

"No matter what the personal or professional costs?" Is FRC saying that murder is OK so long as you're fighting abortions? Or that demonization of someone is OK, even in the wake of a murder? Or is "culture of life" promoting FRC only concerned about the "personal" costs of O'Reilly? There are some things that leave us speechless.