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In The Bizarro World Of Fox Nation – Obama Responsible For Birthers!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - July 30, 2009 -

You just can’t make this stuff up. Wait a minute, if you’re Fox Nation you certainly can. One of their articles (under "Justice" - hellooo!?) asks the question “Is Obama To Blame For the Birther Movement?” It links to an article written by one of Fox’s stable of rabid right wing commentators, Tommy De Seno. The more correct question should be “Is Fox Nation f*#king crazy?” The answer is obvious.

That there should be no question as to the racist and totally psychotic crowd that Fox Nation panders to is shown by today’s thread which links to an article by Tommy De Seno who writes opinion pieces for the slightly more mainstream, Fox News website “Forum.” Tommy is your garden variety conservative type who doesn’t seem to believe in the conservative credo about taking responsibilities for one’s actions as shown in his recent article that blamed Democrats for poor, poor, persecuted Sarah Palin’s departure as Alaska governor. (the article, skewering DeSeno is worth a read.) But that Tommy does believe in the innate righteousness of conservative republicans might be evidenced by the title of his blog – “Justified Right.” (He’s also on Facebook, My Space, and Twitter for all you Tommy fans.) Tommy’s right wing “pro-life” creds have been burnished with Fox News website articles such as the one about how father’s rights are not included in the debate about abortion. Attorney De Seno’s has the requisite right wing fear and loathing of Islam as shown in his article, titled “Obama’s Christian-Muslim Double Standard: Our First Dhimmi President.” (No bias, there Tommy Boy). In the article, De Seno claims that “With every speech he gives, President Obama goes further and further in diminishing Christianity in America while inflating Muslims here and around the world.’ (uh, “inflating?” – Are Muslims balloons?) One assumes that, as a supporter of America as a Christian Nation, Jesus loves Tommy, yes he does.

So it’s not surprising that Tommy’s loathing of Obama has put him in the black helicoptier crowd that, in its racist paranoia and anger about an African American president, believes that Obama is hiding his true African identy. But De Seno takes it up a notch by blaming the president for not releasing relevant documents. (Excuse me?) The Fox Nation article has all the requisite birther talking points which are – excuse my “french” – full of shit! Writing them would produce a strong gag reflex so if you want, you can read them here. But his article generated lots of responses from the usual suspects. Nuff said.

That Fox Nation would legitimize the birther movement with an article by a right wing Obama hater tells you all you need to know about Fox Nation. Why am I hearing Gnarls Barkley singing “I think you’re crazy….”