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Fox&Friends’ War On Education Includes Tucker Carlson Sexist Rant

Reported by Priscilla - July 30, 2009 -

This morning, Steve Doocy began the right wing propaganda series, “The Trouble With Textbooks” with a question of “what happens when liberal special interest groups lobby the board of education, in these states, about words should and shouldn’t be included in your kids textbooks.” The chyron read “Banned, Words You Won’t See In Kids Textbooks.” In a show of “fairness and balance” (just kidding), Doocy spoke with another famous “dick” Tucker Carlson who is pimping his up and coming Fox show about evil, librul textbooks. Ewww, I can hardly wait!!! Oh, and "banned words" - As you'll see, that's just a lie. But what else is new in the ongoing culture war on Fox&Friends.

There was rich irony in Carlson’s first statement about how controlling language is related to controlling thought. (Ah, like “homicide bomber,” “baby killer,” and other phrases found on Fox and the kind of thing that Frank Luntz promotes). Carlson held up a book, “Reflecting Diversity” and claimed that it made it very clear that “the effort to control language is an effort to change the social fabric…to indoctrinate kids." (Oh, the irony, the irony). According to Carlson, the book recommends that “Founding Fathers,” in school texts, be eliminated. The graphic showed the phrase with “banned” superimposed over it. To Doocy’s question of why this is no longer allowed, Carlson said that the book suggested that the phrase be changed to “Founders” and giggled hysterically as he said that “you wouldn’t want to suggest that the men who wrote the Constitution were men.” (Memo to Tucker – you obviously don’t know that women did play an important role in the “founding” of our nation – a point made clear in Cookie Roberts book, “Founding Mothers.” John Adams got some very good advice from his wife – but we don’t want to take away from the patriarchal view of history that is just so beloved in the patriarchal right wing, would we!) Carslon’s sexism was made even more apparent in his citing how the book suggests that “chairman and chairwomen” be changed (while MENSA member Doocy shrieked “they wan to to ban that one”) to a more gender neutral, “chair.” Carlson objected to the use of “member of congress” rather than “congressman.” And while all of these ideas are emanating from a book, Carlson said “that’s banned.” (Note - there has been no banning. Period) The propaganda chyron read “Utopian Textbooks, Groups Trying To Remake World In Texts.” Carlson showed the GIECO commercial which uses the term “caveman” as an example of words that could be banned while the chyron read “Toning Down Reality, Are Textbooks Becoming Too PC.” A graphic was shown with “caveman” and “banned” superimposed. According to the diversity book, it is suggested that caveman be replaced with cave dweller – which is now used in anthropological texts but then why would Tucker know that! It’s a man’s world for Tucker who left the Episcopal Church, where they have female clergy, to the Anglican church which is still all about big daddy. MENSA member Doocy said “this is troubling.” More propaganda (and irony considering this is Fox News) with the chyron “Whitewashing reality” Groups Lobbying For Utopian Textbooks.” ("Whitewashing reality" - said on Fox News? ROFL!!!) Feeling castrated, Daddy Doocy asked “if they just want to get rid of men.” Carlson agreed and said that they don’t want to “acknowledge that there are differences between the sexes.” Feeling castrated and a little paranoid, Carlson said that this is part of a larger strategy to force people to “change the way they think about gender” and a way “change the country through the minds of the children.” He added, “it’s scary.”

Comment: Looks like it’s not just Bill O’Reilly who is mourning the demise of the white, Christian, MALE, power structure. Gender neutrality is not a new thing. There is even an edition of the Bible which is gender neutral. But as a handmaiden who knows her place in God’s divinely ordered patriarchy, I guess I have to submit to the greater wisdom of Father Carlson. (just kidding). But this segment truly shows that, on Fox, it’s a man’s world and who better than Tucker Carlson (who once again proves the veracity of Jon Stewart’s description) and the muy macho Steve Docy to remind me of my place! And in closing, a few verses of Martin Mull’s manly man song:

'Cause men can sweat and men can stink
And no one seems to care-o,
We'll throw the dishes in the sink
And clog the drain with hair-o
(And clog the drain with hair-o)
Men, men, men,
It's a ship all filled with men,
So batten down the ladies' room,
There's no one here but men!
Men, men, men, men
Men, men, men, men...