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O’Reilly Plays Straight Man to Beck’s Scorn for Helping Others

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On last night’s (7/28/09) O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly hosted Glenn Beck to discuss why Beck hates people who help other people via AmeriCorps and why he dressed up in lederhosen to make that point. With video.

“Has the Beck guy lost it?” O’Reilly posed. Okay, I’m gonna flip the script here. Usually, it’s O’Reilly on the hot seat, and, yeah, it’s usually well-deserved. But hey, I give credit where credit is due, and tonight, O’Reilly held ol’ Beck’s feet to the fire a bit. (Of course, I actually think it’s only because O’Reilly thinks Beck is a blithering idiot, and an embarrassment, and doesn’t want to seem too chummy with him, but whatever works.)

Roll the Beck clip, boys, for some of his good old-fashioned community-spirit bashing, dressed in lederhosen, on a recent Glenn Beck show.

“Remember when Barack Obama was on the campaign trail and he said, oh, I’m gonna have an army of people in America and they’ll be better financed than the military . . . I think AmeriCorps is part of that army, to really go for it . . . I think you have to be dressed like this [lederhosen] . . . stand up and take your pledge . . . I will get things done for America to make our people safer and smarter and healthier. I am an AmeriCorps member, and I will get things done.” Fade out, while trilling Edelweiss.

“Here now the man with the plan – kind of . . . Glenn Beck . . . .” introduced O’Reilly, as Beck laughed modestly at his own oh-so-edgy sense of humor.

When O’Reilly asked Beck why he was wearing the outfit and singing Edelweiss (a reasonable question, in my view), Beck replied thoughtfully, “You know, I think it’s about time that we used ridicule in this country . . . . I think, this whole idea of AmeriCorps – and which would, will eventually, if Rahm Emanuel gets his way – will be required service for 18-24 year olds . . . [holding three fingers up mockingly in a Boy Scout honor sign, and speaking in a mocking tone] . . . but I’ll pledge to change the world.” Oh my God, I’d heard it was true, but I didn’t believe it – Michele Bachmann can actually crawl into peoples’ brains and turn them into paranoid-creepy-bunker-people! Look, she did it to Beck!

I do, actually, have one other side note, something O’Reilly of course forgot to mention: In January 2002, President George W. Bush created the USA Freedom Corps – which included AmeriCorps -- and called upon every American to commit to least two years of their lives to service. How come it wasn’t insidious when Bush did it?

O’Reilly protested, “. . . AmeriCorps is just a bunch of kids volunteering to do good things, mentoring . . . .”

“Volunteer. There’s a difference between a volunteer and a draft,” Beck said ominously. And, Beck, don’t forget – there’s a difference, too, between a draft and a concentration camp for young people where they’re confined indefinitely until they completely learn the liberal doctrine. Need a few more sessions with Bachmann, ‘cause you should have been watching out for that one.

Dismissively, O’Reilly responded, “We don’t have that yet . . . But it’s always about what’s around the corner with you. Let’s say we don’t get it. It’s Americorps, you volunteer to help your community . . . I did it in college . . . .”

“I have never had a problem with AmeriCorps,” Beck said magnanimously, and then went on to demonstrate what a problem he has with AmeriCorps. “I want to know, when you’re in Americorps . . . do they get little badges? Do they get, like, this badge I got for harassing a bank.”

O’Reilly pressed Beck to explain what’s wrong with a bunch of people “signing up to help other people.”

“Because you’ve got a community organizer as President of the United States,” Beck said, satisfied that he’d explained it. Ah, yes, those community organizers, the scourges of communities everywhere – you know ‘em, the ones who toil and slave and work long hours and get out in the community and deal with hostile people and recalcitrant bureaucrats in all sorts of weather for little money and less thanks. Right, we certainly wouldn’t want any of our nation’s leaders to be those types of individuals.

“Just ‘cause it’s his idea, you didn’t like it?” O’Reilly sneered. Uh, Bill, I know we’re being friendly and all, but maybe you could have asked him exactly what community organizers do that he thinks is so insidious for the country. And maybe, if I can make another small suggestion, what exactly it is about AmeriCorps that is so threatening? I’m just sayin’.

“Noooo, just because we are being infested. This country is having framework built around it, there’s an exoskeleton . . . ,” Beck began.

“Does it have lederhosen?” O’Reilly chortled.

“ . . . This is very easy to do, but I think he’s making fun of me,” Beck said with his I’m-such-a-cute-little-boy face.

“I’m not with you on the AmeriCorps thing,” O’Reilly stated flatly. “I think the AmeriCorps thing can be a good thing.”

Now roll the clip, Bill, of Beck interviewing himself. There’s nothing much to report about that except that Beck works harder and harder at being a shock jock every day – but never quite gets there, does he, because he’s not a shock jock, he’s just plain loopy.

“Now that was just making fun of people who are saying that you’re certifiable, right, that was mocking them, ridiculing them,” O’Reilly asked, helping Beck along in case he’s ever called to Beck’s commitment hearing.

The two shared a little hilarity around Beck going to Greenwich Village in a Factor hat – and calling people in Greenwich Village “stupid,” which went unremarked by O’Reilly -- and then O’Reilly got right back to business.

“You make points on your program that people, will affect peoples’ lives . . . but you do a lot of this kind of whacked-out stuff . . . ,” O’Reilly proposed. “Did you run a risk that some people are just gonna dismiss the serious stuff that you’re doing, the important points that you’re trying to make, because of the burlesque.”

Beck engaged in a little good-old-boy dick-measuring, saying, “Yes, I do run that risk – but, have you seen the ratings at 5:00? You don’t get those ratings at 5:00 by being Charlie Rose . . . .” No, maybe not – but on the other hand, most people, when confronted with someone going berserk as they’re walking down the street, will stop and watch until the spectacle is over.

“When I saw this in my office . . . number one, I thought you were back on the sauce . . .” O’Reilly laughed, to which Beck responded, “Could happen at any time.”

“Number two,” O’Reilly went on, “I said to myself, is this the Hitler Youth thing he’s doing? . . . Are you sure it wasn’t the Hitler Youth thing . . . with the Americorps stuff . . . I think it was the Hitler Youth thing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bill O’Reilly, and I am offended by that, and confused,” Beck mocked.

Well, Beck can laugh all he wants, but it’s clearly no laughing matter to proclaim on what purports to be a news show that a community organizer, disguised as a President, and his henchman, Rahm Emanuel, disguised as a Chief of Staff, are gearing up as we speak to strong-arm young people into concentration camps for years of service against their wills.