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Hannity Trots Out Mark Fuhrman To Assist With Racial Attacks And Distortions Re Obama And Gates

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2009 -

Yes, THAT Mark Fuhrman, one of a long string of white guys accused of racism for whom Sean Hannity has a special affinity (and not counting Hannity's special affinity for white supremacist Hal Turner, currently in jail for threatening a series of public officials). Last night (7/28/09), Hannity and Fuhrman put their heads together for some further racial attacks on President Obama and Professor Henry Gates. For extra smearing, Hannity played an excerpt of Gates’ 1994 interview with C-Span, edited to make him sound like a black radical when, in fact, he was saying something entirely different. With video.

Never mind that Judge Andrew Napolitano had already opined the day before on Studio B that the Cambridge, MA police acted improperly and that Gates has a legal case against the police department. On Hannity, it has been all “Obama and his radical, police-hating friend are racially biased against the police” (in so many words) almost all the time this subject has been discussed - and it has been discussed a lot.

The fact that Hannity was now calling on Fuhrman to help him make the racial case against Obama and Gates is just extra sick and extra sickening.

Hannity began the segment with a clip of an African American police officer saying that she had voted for Obama but will not again. That seemed to be the "balance" for Fuhrman.

“I think I should maybe state first, you know, with me here, there’s kind of an elephant in the room,” Fuhrman began. He was referring, of course, to his infamous role in the O.J. Simpson case which arguably lost the case for the prosecution and which, ultimately, led to his pleading no contest to perjury for testifying that he had never used the “n” word.

“I apologized to a race, a nation and every police officer," Fuhrman said, "So with that being said you look at this situation and Sgt. Crowley has absolutely nothing to apologize for. Professor Gates has everything to apologize for. And the president should publicly apologize to Sgt. Crowley for his comments.”

Excuse me, but last I checked, only the police report and tapes had been released. I haven’t read any statements by Gates. And, of course, there’s that little factoid that Fox’s own Judge Napolitano thinks the police broke the law.

White rights champion Hannity paused his enthusiastic race-baiting against Obama and Gates to once again come to the defense of a white guy accused of racism. “Let me go to your case… Do you feel you got a fair shot, that people would allow you to give context and texture?” Hannity claimed, as Fuhrman did, that his use of the "n" word was in the context of a fictional screenplay.

Actually, only kinda sorta. As The New York Times reports, “(Fuhrman) has always contended that his taped accounts were embellished (not fabricated) to shock Ms. McKinny into understanding big city police work” during their “interviews.” Not dramatic readings; not co-authoring screenplays. Also, the Los Angeles Police Department, which investigated the anecdotes Fuhrman related to McKinny about his life as a police officer, concluded that while Fuhrman had “grossly exaggerated most if not all of his accounts of his racist brutality as a patrol officer,” he had been allowed to ''act out his prejudices,'' especially against female officers at work. “The report concluded that Mr. Fuhrman's unnamed supervisors in the West Los Angeles patrol division in the mid-1980's -- he became a detective in 1989 -- had allowed his prejudice against female officers to flourish unchecked.” The Times also noted that some women and minority members of the Department found the LAPD’s report inadequate.

Fuhrman told Hannity that Gates “hindered” Sgt. Crowley’s investigation, “challenged him,” “assumed he was a racist solely because he was white.” Fuhrman gave no indication he had reviewed any information or evidence other than what came from the police.

Fuhrman went on to criticize Obama for playing “camp counselor” and taking time away from all the important issues in order to host Gates and Crowley at the White House. “He has no influence… on this issue.”

“Yeah,” Hannity agreed.

Neither seemed to care about all the time that Fox News was taking away from those important issues to endlessly rehash this case, usually from the same point of view.

But the context and texture Hannity had advocated for on behalf of Fuhrman’s racial remarks were exactly what Hannity or a Fox News producer deliberately denied Gates. Hannity re-aired Gates’ supposedly controversial comments in a 1994 C-Span interview in which he described the horror he felt after learning that his mother was prejudiced against white people after watching her overjoyed reaction to Malcolm X calling the white man the devil. Just as he had at previous times (and which Fox Nation also mimicked), Hannity edited Gates’ remarks to make him sound like he was the one who hated white people. “Listen to what (Gates) had to say,” Hannity said. “Listen especially after he talks about Malcolm X talking about the white man being the devil and how he laughs.”

Hannity then played the same quotes he had read the night before, edited, as he also had the night before, leaving out the parts where Gates said that watching his mother’s reactions to Malcolm X was like “watching the Wicked Witch of the West emerge out of the transforming features of Dorothy. This person I had thought of as this pioneer of the civil rights movement really had a hard time with white people.” In the interview, Gates had gone on to discuss the difficulties with his mother that ensued after he married a white woman to whom he had been married 15 years. Hannity, however, merely added Gates saying, “My mother hated white people… probably (all her life)… Her face was radiant (listening to Malcolm X)… A beatific smile started to transform her face and she said quite quietly, ‘Amen.’ … She never trusted white people. She didn’t like white people.”

“Forget about his mother,” Hannity said, re-reading the (distorted, out-of-context ) quote, ‘Malcolm X was talking about how the white man was the devil and telling them off. It was great.’ And he laughs. What does that say about Professor Gates? Is he the one that racially profiled here? …Did he have a racial predisposition?”

I don't know about Gates but there's no doubt that Hannity does.