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Hannity's Partisan View Of The Economy

Reported by Ellen - July 28, 2009 -

As Media Matters pointed out, Sean Hannity has conflicting (some might say hypocritical) views of the Dow. When it was down, Hannity blamed Obama, calling it "Obama's bear market." Now that the market's up, it's somehow tied to Obama's lower poll numbers.

During the "Hannity's America" segment on last night's Hannity show (video below), Sean Hannity showed a chart supposedly demonstrating an inverse relationship between Obama's popularity and the Dow, Hannity asked, "Is it just a coincidence?"

Next in the segment, Hannity complained that Newsweek had "outdone itself" for proclaiming "The recession is over." I hope the editors over at Newsweek will let us know when they return from President Obama'a fantasyland and rejoin all of us back here on Planet Earth."

Would that be the same recession Hannity had a bullyboy meltdown insisting did not exist?