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Fox Nation Resident Wants Bill Maher To Die

Reported by Priscilla - July 28, 2009 -

Bill Maher, in responding to CNN's Wolf Blitzer's question about whether Sarah Palin has a future as a presidential candidate, said that "he wouldn't put anything past this stupid country." Not suprisingly, the website that promotes "mutual respect" has the video as one of today's ledes. Not surprisingly, the "nation" is all upset and wants Maher (a comedian) to, with regard to America, love it or leave it. It's ironic, the Fox Nation consider themselves uber patriots and defenders of the Constitution - yet they really have a problem with the First Amendment - except when it comes to their pathetic and idiotic rants at teabagging events where they call the President a Nazi and other fun stuff. And more irony in that they consider themselves uber Christians - better than the rest of us evil, secular libruls - yet, a homicidal resident (with anger issues) of the "nation" (and it's so not Colbert's) wants Bill Maher to die. I thought that there were moderators at Fox Nation. Stay classy Fox Nation - way to promote "mutual respect." And keep up the good work, mods! Fox Nation, by its very existence, proves Bill Maher is absolutely correct!