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Whoops He Did It Again – More Titillation From Bill O’Reilly

Reported by Priscilla - July 27, 2009 -

Might as well face it, America’s “Traditionalist” Daddy, Bill O’Reilly does seem to have a predilection for bodacious babes. Perhaps, in the spirit of Renaissance artists and sculptors, he has an intense appreciation for the female body – or perhaps it’s just a plain, old booty call that provides the pretense for serious journalism. While Bill is trying to purge the world of librul licentiousness, he does manage to provide some “peep shows” (here and here and here) – all, in the name of “watching out for you.” Bet he purchases Playboy, just for the articles. At any rate, last week’s “culture warriors” was another excuse to show some skin during a discussion of how the “Make a Wish Foundation” doesn’t want to take the money earned from a “bikini car wash.” Bill showed the bikini babes twice during a discussion that was actually substantive in that he and his blonde wing women (Margaret Hoover and Juliette Huddy) talked, in addition to the car wash, about glass ceilings for women in business and other work related issues. He doesn't have a bottle of Corvoisier and doesn't play mood music; but Bill is quite the “ladies man!”