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Fox Nation Calls A Fetus A "Baby" In Inflammatory Abortion Story

Reported by Ellen - July 27, 2009 -

Fox Nation, that website supposedly devoted to fairness, balance, civil discourse and tolerance, has on its front page a story about a nurse supposedly being forced to perform an abortion. Instead of offering a "fair and balanced" headline, Fox uses a deliberately inflammatory and biased one: Nurse 'Forced' to Help Abort Baby. Not only does this take the side of the anti-abortionists, it suggests that the pro-choice movement and the nurse's superiors are baby-killing ogres before anyone has read the article. Screen grab after the jump.

Clicking through to the article, which comes from The New York Post, Fox News' tabloidy sister, one discovers that the dispute centers around a pregnant woman suffering from a condition called "preeclampsia." According to the Post,

the patient was 22 weeks into her pregnancy and had preeclampsia, a condition marked by high blood pressure that can lead to seizures or death if left untreated.

The supervisor "claimed that the mother could die if [Cenzon-DeCarlo] did not assist in the abortion."

But the nurse, the niece of a Filipino bishop, contends that the patient's life was not in danger. She argued that the patient was not even on magnesium therapy, a common treatment for preeclampsia, and did not have problems indicating an emergency.

Hmm, a nurse is challenging the medical procedures of doctors? That sounds a bit out of bounds to me. I don't know about you but if a doctor told me that I had a life-threatening condition that required an abortion, and I consented, I would not a nurse overruling that decision. Furthermore, the Post notes (though not until about 3/4 through the article) that the nurse's case is being used by the Alliance Defense Fund to promote its own agenda. The Post describes the Fund as, "a Christian group seeking to put a national spotlight on the case." It also notes, "The suit also seeks to force Mount Sinai to give up federal funding it receives, because it failed to uphold a federal rule protecting employees who have moral objections to controversial procedures."

This is one of many examples where Fox has pimped for the Alliance Defense Fund.

I wonder if Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes want a nurse to be making the determination about what's life or death care for them the next time they're in the hospital.