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Ann Coulter Accuses Obama Of Planting Gates Question To Show He's "Black Enough"

Reported by Ellen - July 27, 2009 -

Another Fox News appearance for Ann Coulter, another time they don’t ask her about the pending voter-fraud investigation against her in Connecticut, the second such investigation into her voting record in a few years. This time double voter-fraud suspect Coulter accused President Barack Obama and Chicago Sun Times reporter Lynn Sweet of colluding to make sure she asked him at his press conference last week the now-infamous question about the arrest of African American professor Henry Gates after “breaking in” to his own home. Coulter first claimed she had proof of the collusion but never offered it. Host Geraldo Rivera never demanded it. I have no doubt that “fair and balanced” Fox will have no problem again presenting this fraudulent fabulist as a credible pundit. With video.

In a discussion on the Saturday night (7/25/09) Geraldo, Coulter said that President Obama “wanted that question” from Lynn Sweet, in order to show he’s black enough.

"No, Ann you have no proof of that," Rivera argued.

"As opposed to the many things you break on your show, I do have proof," Coulter replied, though she never offered any of the proof she claimed she had.

Rivera pointed out that Sweet denied those charges.

“Of course she did!” “Boombox” Coulter said. Oh, that’s her counter? …She’s also like that (Coulter made a gesture indicating they're close) with David Axelrod.”

Instead of demanding Coulter back such an outlandish and otherwise unsupported charge, Rivera turned to African-American guest Marc Lamont Hill (the only liberal on the three-person panel that also included Mike Huckabee) with a question designed to suggest that Obama was playing racial favorites, “How do you use (the word “stupidly”) about the Cambridge, Massachusetts police when you don’t even use it about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

(Pardon the source for the video but my recorder was off when I caught this segment and I couldn't find any other video)