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Limbaugh Calls Himself “Positive,” “Inspirational” And Backs Palin for 2012

Reported by Ellen - July 25, 2009 -

For the second night in a row, Rush Limbaugh took up the first half of On The Record last night (7/24/09) in a mostly softball interview in which Van Susteren never challenged any of his falsehoods nor the ugly hatred he spewed nearly non-stop. In the final segment, she asked him whom he might like to see as a presidential candidate in 2012. After hemming and hawing, Limbaugh selected Sarah Palin for the sole reason that, according to him, Democrats fear her. He went on to make the laughable claim that the reason she excited people on the campaign trail last fall was because of her “substance,” not her rhetoric. Then, wrapping it all up, he concluded that his show’s popularity is due to his positive message. Put that together with his message the night before that there’s no real health crisis and you have to wonder what planet this guy lives on. With video.

Limbaugh initially declined to specify a candidate he’d back for 2012, calling it, “Too early.”

Van Susteren asked him to put aside the “horse race” and just tell her who is the “smartest or best candidate, in your mind now.”

That was irrelevant, Limbaugh maintained. “I’m looking at who can win.” He said the “state run media” and “the Democrat Party” would “go a long way in telling us who they’re most afraid of.” Limbaugh concluded they’re not afraid of either Huckabee or Romney. “But they’re trying to destroy Sarah Palin… not just her career but her reputation.” Therefore, according to Rush, that was proof positive that Palin is “who they think can beat Obama.”

“It’s not hard to understand why,” Limbaugh continued. “Largest crowds on the Republican side. The most enthusiasm. People were revved up and fired up.”

In Limbaugh’s mind, the Obama rallies were “just cult people. They were just showing up to be part of the story. They didn’t care what Obama was saying.”

“Sarah Palin was exciting people on substance,” he claimed, in what may be the most unintentionally hilarious comment I have ever seen on Fox - until Limbaugh got to bragging about his positive message. Did he mean Palin's “substance” of claiming she had foreign policy expertise because Alaska is close to Russia? The “substance” of not knowing the Bush Doctrine? Or was it the “substance” of her ugly attacks on Obama?

“I think she’s a step ahead of people,” Limbaugh said, when Van Susteren pointed out that Palin quit her job. He thought it possibly “a very smart move.” Maybe so, but so far it’s not helping her in the polls. A recent Fox News poll shows her favorability ratings at a dismal 38 percent.

Blowing a little more hot air, Limbaugh made the false claim, “None of the ethics charges have been proven true. It’s pure harassment.”

No correction from Van Susteren.

As the interview of nearly non-stop hatemongering wound down, Limbaugh concluded he’s one positive-thinking dude. “I care about the United States of America. I care about the American people!” the multimillionaire claimed, despite having said previously in the interview that, basically, only those who can afford “The Ritz” should have top quality health insurance and that it’s no big deal if someone goes into so much debt paying off their medical bills that their car gets repossessed.

Predictably, Van Susteren missed the irony. Instead, she gushed, “You show is growing, you’re getting more listeners all the time… What’s the secret… of your success?”

He had a head start, he said, given that the internet and cable news had not yet begun. “I made a deep connection” and “a deep bond of loyalty” with his audience. OK, I’ll buy that. But it’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything, or it would have gotten spit out all over my television set, as he went on to say, “It’s a good show… It’s positive. People don’t want to be beat up everyday with ‘this caffeine product’s gonna kill you,’ or ‘the seas are rising and New York’s gonna get flooded.’ People want to hear about greatness. People want to be inspired. People want to be motivated. They want their positive thoughts validated. They don’t want to hear everyday how everything’s going to hell in a handbasket and there’s a shortage of handbaskets. They don’t want to hear this. That’s what gets ratings on television. I have shown you get ratings on radio being positive, respecting the audience, being inspiring and motivational at times, when it’s necessary.”

You can view the rest of Limbaugh’s “positive,” “inspirational” thoughts for the evening here and here. Yesterday’s segments are here.

And while we're being enthusiastic and encouraging, let me be the first to endorse Limbaugh's idea and urge the Republican Party to nominate Sarah Palin in 2012. Yes, Limbaugh's right, it's a terrifying thought. But I can't think of a better way for Obama to win re-election short of nominating Limbaugh himself. Wait a minute, I've got a great idea: Limbaugh for VP! A double header of hope!