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Fox Nation Thread Brings Out More Hatred And Stupidity – What Else Is New?

Reported by Priscilla - July 24, 2009 -

Despite its commitment to “mutual respect,” Fox Nation is a hate site that exists to set the right wing hate meter at fire engine red. Rather than promote civil and intelligent discourse, the threads seem to be deliberately chosen in order to bring out the true reptilian brain of the “true believer” who love Jesus but hates Barack Obama, Islam, libruls, etc. Today’s thread which linked to an article describing an exhibit, sponsored by a gay organization in Scotland, is a prime example of this type of base thinking (?) encouraged by Fox Nation writers. The “exhibit” encourages people to write comments onto a bible. Suffice to say that many of the comments are anti-religion. The Church of Scotland is upset. That being said, the Fox Nation comments are – well – the usual low level stuff (and from good bible believing Christians!) which includes comments indicating that the posters think the exhibit is in the US! The actual linked article doesn’t seem to come up easily so I think the readers are just going with the header. I found an article on another site. If Fox Nation knew that there was a gay element, I suspect the comments would be even raunchier – if that’s possible for Fox Nation!