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Steve Doocy and Tucker Carlson Omit Key Details About Texas Textbook Reviewers

Reported by Priscilla - July 23, 2009 -

Famous “dick” Tucker Carlson, affiliated with The Cato Institute, is now a Fox News “pundit.” On yesterday's Fox&Friends, he joined Steve Doocy (who “some say” could be a metaphorical male body appendage) in a segment which was part of the right wing culture war propaganda series, “The Trouble With Textbooks.” The discussion centered on the importance of which textbooks pass muster in Texas as that could affect the content of textbooks in the rest of the country. Along with some perfunctory propaganda points, Carlson’s upcoming “special” about “biased” textbooks was pimped. But if Doocy’s opening statement, “Six people in Texas will have a drastic impact on what your children are taught in social studies class” is true – Houston, we have a problem!

The discussion, on the surface, was informational as Carlson explained how Texas textbook standards affect what is published by textbook companies because Texas provides one of the largest markets for textbooks in the country. Texas is revamping the curriculum and has asked three conservatives and three liberals to review textbook content. Carlson said the upcoming history textbook review, which is a “battle” about “religion, politics, education” is important because American students score so low on history. Doocy said one of the issues is how you incorporate Christianity into the curriculum. (Memo to Doocy – you don’t!). Carlson said that the reviewers would come up with a compromise; but as of today, “Christianity is downplayed as a progressive force, almost always painted in a negative light, other world’s religion elevated to a higher place than Christianity.” Carlson must have been channeling right wing history professor and Fox fave, Larry Schweikert, when he said that in some textbooks, there is no mention of the religion of the 9-11 hijackers. (Memo to Carlson – should textbooks mention that those who brutally killed the American native population were Christians? Should it noted that Virginia slaveholders, some of whom attended your Anglican Falls Church, were Christian?) Behind Carlson, while he was speaking, were graphics which had some bullet points about the Texas book reviewers. Let’s take a look at what was presented for the conservative reviewers and what is reality:

Fox – Daniel Dreisbach, former professor of history at American University
Reality – While he does have actual academic credentials, his area of expertise is primarily focused on the role of religion in American History. He does not believe in separation of church and state.

Fox – Daniel Barton, Founder of Wallbuilders
Reality Wallbuilders calls separation of church and state a myth and says that “the United States is a Christian nation that should be governed on Christian bibilical principles.” He is a graduate of a small Christian college. Check out the website for good stuff including a “Knights of Columbus” poll on abortion.

Fox – Rev. Peter Marshall, minister, writes and speaks about Christian heritage
Reality - “to restore America to its Bible-based foundations through preaching, teaching, and writing on America’s Christian heritage and on Christian discipleship and revival.” Check out his website for more fun stuff about “restoring our Christian heritage.” (Sorry, Jews. This is a Christian nation!))

Comment: So there you have it. Your children’s textbooks being reviewed by 6 people, three of whom are out of wingnut central casting. Conservative is one thing - ignorant, reality denying, history revising, radical Christian wingnuttery is another. Read more about how these jokers want “Less Abraham Lincolnd and more Jesus” here. Here’s a tease – they don’t want SCOTUS Judge Thurgood Marshall (argued for school desegregation) as an important historical figure! And BTW, Texas is also looking to revamp its science curriculum, too. Say hello to cavemen riding dinosaurs – yabba, dabba, doo!

Note - The new Texas head of the Texas Board of Education, appointed by Rick Perry, is a creationist. Nuff said!