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Fox News Confuses Hillary Clinton With Capitol Hill

Reported by Ellen - July 23, 2009 -

A few days ago, Foxnews.com trumpeted the addition of a new meaning for the word "earmark" in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary by proclaiming it Hillary Clinton's favorite word. News Hounds reader Philip G was curious as to how Fox came to that conclusion. So he followed their link, which led to an article titled Report: 'Earmark' Now a Word in the English Dictionary. Surprisingly, the article contained no reference at all to Hillary Clinton. Screen grab after the jump.

So Philip followed the link at the bottom of the Foxnews.com article which brought him to an article in The Washington Times. The title of that article was Dictionary adds Hill favorite: 'Earmark.' They were referring to Capitol Hill, of course. Apparently, whoever wrote the headline at Fox didn't bother to actually read the Washington Times article or they would have immediately understood which "Hill" they meant. The first paragraph states, "In what amounts to another dubious milestone for Congress, 'earmarks' - the pork-barrel spending projects loved by lawmakers but hated by those looking to control spending - is now part of the dictionary."

Or maybe Fox News just grabbed what it saw as an opportunity to smear a Democrat and didn't worry too much about whether or not it was true.

We report, you decide!