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Fox’s Ralph Peters Gets A Pass For Flip-Flopping About Fate Of Captured Soldier

Reported by Ellen - July 22, 2009 -

A few days after Fox News’ “Strategic Analyst” Lt. Col. Ralph Peters announced on the air that the Taliban would do the U.S. a favor by killing one of our soldiers it has captured, he went on The O’Reilly Factor and presented a kinder, gentler version of his opinions. As he suggested on Sunday, Peters told Bill O’Reilly last night (7/21/09) that Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl, now in Taliban custody, is a deserter. But instead of reiterating that the Taliban “can save us a lot of legal hassles and legal bills” by killing Bergdahl, Peters now claimed, “I do hope for his family’s sake this guy comes back safely.” O'Reilly did not note that this was a complete turnabout from Peters' previous stance. Nor did Peters apologize for his outrageous former statement that might have endangered Bergdahl. Instead, Peters went on to attack Air America for "glorifying" Bergdahl.

Backing down from the kind of fiery judgment he displayed previously, the kinder, gentler Peters now hypothesized that Berghdahl may have left his unit because “he may be mentally disturbed” or “distraught” or may have had trouble with his buddies.

“I haven’t seen the media glorifying Bergdahl, have you?” Bill O’Reilly asked Peters.

“Obviously, Air America, etc. …They have… painted him as a virtual hero.” Peters said. He went on to complain that the other networks are not investigating the circumstances behind Bergdahl’s disappearance. “Now, the Army is being quiet,” Peters griped.

“They’re embarrassed and they want to get the guy back,” O’Reilly hypothesized. And maybe they don’t want a ton of speculative publicity while Bergdahl is in enemy hands. I can just imagine the howls of indignation from Peters and his fellow Foxies if it were Air America suggesting the country would be better off if the Taliban killed Bergdahl and started demanding an investigation into his behavior before he had been released.

If you can't view the video below, here's a link.