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Fox News Distorts Story To Accuse “Democrat” Of Joining Al Qaeda and Launching Rocket Attack on U.S. Troops

Reported by Ellen - July 22, 2009 -

Fox Nation, that website that brags about its civility and fairness, has a headline right now that says, “Democrat Joins Al Qaeda and Launches Rocket Attack on U.S. Troops!” If you click through, you get a page with the same headline. Unlike many other Fox Nation articles, there’s no summary, just a link to “Read the full article.” Perhaps that’s because the headline is so bogus.

When you do finally get to the article, from ABC News, you’ll discover that the suspect is a 26 year-old man from Long Island who is accused of receiving “al Qaeda training in Pakistan between March and August 2008. He also is accused of taking part in a September 2008 rocket attack against U.S. forces.” His political involvement? ABC revealed that he is registered as a Democrat. No political activity on his part was reported beyond the fact that he voted in local elections in 2005.

H/T reader Bob B.