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Brian Kilmeade Apologizes For Racist Comments

Reported by Ellen - July 21, 2009 -

Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade apologized for his racial remarks suggesting that Americans are not pure because of ethnic intermarriage. In a July 8 discussion about a Swedish study showing that married people are less likely to get Alzheimer's, Kilmeade dismissed the significance for Americans by saying, "[Americans] keep marrying other species and other ethnicities . . . Swedes have pure genes, because they marry other Swedes, because that’s the rule. Finland—Finns marry other Finns, so they have a pure society. In America, we marry everybody. So we’ll marry Italians and Irish.” Yesterday, Kilmeade apologized, calling his comments "inappropriate" and saying that the U.S. is a "huge melting pot, and that is what makes us such a great country." Good on him. That's one apology for racial insensitivity out of how many other racially tinged statements on Fox?