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Typical Fear Mongering About Health Care From Fox Business

Reported by Ellen - July 17, 2009 -

Another day, another attack on universal health care from Fox. In a Foxbusiness.com blog post yesterday (7/16/09), Brian Sullivan wrote about the "staggering figures" of wait times for surgery in Canada. The statistics he used came from the Province of British Columbia. Sullivan didn't bother to provide the statistics for elsewhere in Canada nor for Canada as a whole which has 12 other provinces and territories. In fact, a recent statement by a conservative member of the Canadian Senate recently stated that the country's wait times for hip and knee replacements is considerably less than the 5.4 months Sullivan reported for orthopedic surgery, suggesting that national wait times are different. Sullivan also neglected to tell his readers the ways in which Canada's system is superior to the U.S., including the fact that its per capita costs are far less than ours. Funny how a business column left that out.

Some other facts Sullivan overlooked:

Canadians have a longer life expectancy than Americans, 80.7 years vs. 70.1. The New York Times reports,"One widespread interpretation is that Canadians live longer than their neighbors because no legal resident of Canada is without health insurance."

The same B.C. government website Sullivan cited for the wait times also emphasized that "An individual who needs emergency surgery does not go on a waitlist; they receive treatment without delay." Sullivan never said that there are waiting times for emergency surgery in Canada, but he sure implied it.

(Many thanks to Dan for his assistance with this post)