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Fox Nation Plays The Fear Of Islam Card Which Encourages Anti Islamic Bigotry

Reported by Priscilla - July 17, 2009 -

Only yesterday, I commented about how Fox Nation seems to be playing the fear card to a group of people who seem to thrive on being scared. Fear does seem to be part of the fabric of today’s rabidly right wing republicans who see black helicopters hovering above them and agents of the new world order all around them. I haven’t seen much Islamophobia material on Fox Nation lately; but that's probably because they’re focusing on smearing Barack Obama. But Fox Nation is equal opportunity when it comes to fear and loathing and today we have a lede thread which links to a video about scary Muslims. And to prove my point about the “fear factor,” the title is - I’m not kidding – “Does This Scare You?”

The "scary" video on Fox Nation is a promotional video from an Islamic group that is hosting a conference this week, in Chicago. The title of the conference is “The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam.” It is being sponsored by a group that is hardly in the mainstream, Hizb ut Tahrir America – which is not considered a terrorist group by the US Government and whose website doesn’t seem to be promoting terrorism. But if you google it, you’ll find lots of results from right wing groups and websites, including “Act for America” which has an article, “Pro-Terror Group To Meet In Chicago Suberb” beside a photo of neo-con, end time Christian, and Fox fave Brigitte Gabriel who is the founder of the group. Another group, “Act Seattle” wants people to phone the hotel to protest the meeting and tell hotel staff that the “Qur’an is full of hate speech.” (like the Bible isn’t?) But this is just a small sample of the hysteria from the “we hate Islam” crowd. So it’s not surprising that Fox Nation is featuring the video in order to whip up their resident haters – and they are legion. And while the “birthers” have a First Amendment right to their beliefs, Fox Nation does not want the real American nation freedom extended to this group who say that capitalism is failing. Certainly, from the perspective of the third world, that might be worth discussing. But despite Fox Nation’s claim to encourage “civil discourse” in an atmosphere of “mutual respect,” this is another hate baiting thread in the “place for the American Dream.”

Note – While there are concerns about the nature of this group, the CBS News website has a “fair and balanced” report about the group. Fox Nation should take note of how “real journalism” (not scare journalism) is done.