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Is Bill O’Reilly A “Breast Man?”

Reported by Priscilla - July 16, 2009 -

Bill does seem to love the ladies and does seem to use any excuse to feature those ladies who are amply endowed such as the “Patriot Girls.” The sexual harassment suit against Bill, brought by his fomer producer, includes tapes of Bill chatting about massaging her breasts in the shower. (How falafel “factored” into that is strange – but that’s Bill!). As such, one wonders if Bill’s main character, in “Those Who Trespass,” is an extension of Bill as “Tommy O’Malley” believed that the best way to arouse a woman was to sneak up behind her in the shower and grab her breasts. So it came as no surprise that Bill did a segement (July 14th) on a topic that was all about breasts and which, as such, gave Bill the opportunity for more “boob shots.”

The piece was part of Bill’s “Is it Legal?” feature during which Bill and Fox blonde lawyers Megyn Kelly and Lis Whiel discuss the legal ramifications of current news stories. Not surprisingly, one of the stories involved a model who sued the doctor who did her breast augmentation because the doctor used unauthorized photos of the implants on his website. Was Bill just trying to inform his audience or was he, once again, trying to “titillate?” And once again, despite what he told his culture warriors, he didn’t post a warning about doing T&A during the “family hour.” (Although if it’s true that his audience is mainly senior citizens, then he might be doing a public service for grand-pa!) But the question is whether “traditionalist” Bill prefers the “T” or the “A” – what say you?