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Fox News' Attack On Obama's "Czars" Debunked - By Fox News' Own Wendell Goler

Reported by Ellen - July 16, 2009 -

Think Progress picked up this one: Yesterday, Fox News breathlessly introduced “All the President’s Czars,” citing a list from Taxpayers for Common Sense of “more than 30 czars” that “do not need to be confirmed by the Senate like Cabinet secretaries do.” Fox’s Jane Skinner asked “where the oversight is” and “if it is really actually constitutional.” But Fox correspondent Wendell Goler demolished the “czar” attack in the segment, explaining that the existence of Presidential advisers like these “go back as far as FDR, and maybe further,” that “there is no constitutional issue,” and that many of these “czars” are “confirmed by the Senate.” He reminds Skinner that the Bush administration officials were famously unaccountable.

Someone forgot to tell Hannity.

Think Progress also noted that at least eight of the so-called czars depicted by Fox in a graphic called "All the president's czars" were confirmed by the Senate and at least one's confirmation has been held up by Republicans.