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Fox Nation Renews Its Attack On “Science Fiction Czar” John Holdren

Reported by Priscilla - July 15, 2009 -

On Monday I wrote a piece about how the Fox Nation, which bills itself as unbiased, sourced some “out there” material about John Holdren’s so called “eugenics” views from the 1970’s. For some reason, the anti-science crew at Fox Nation seems to have a real problem with a man who is a distinguished science professor at the Kennedy School of Government. Fox Nation, which is rapidly becoming the X Files of mainstream media websites, is doing yet another hit piece on John Holdren with the lede article "What Does Obama's 'Science Fiction Czar' Have Against Humans?" Other than creating its own science fiction, what does Fox Nation have against Holdren - other than to bring out the Obama haters and one world conspiratorialists from whichever strange galaxy they inhabit.

The article sourced by Fox Nation is by David Harsanyi, a libertarian Denver Post contributor. Harsanyi’s article is about how Holdren’s predictions of environmental and population disasters were wrong. (I seem to recall a prediction that we would be greeted as liberators in Iraq, too.) He quotes Holdren as saying "does not now and never has been an advocate of compulsory abortions or other repressive measures to limit fertility." He also mentions that “Holdren has publicly tempered his aversion to population growth, he still advocates that government nudge us toward fewer children.” To that I would ask, “what’s wrong with that?” (And aren’t the conservative nativists, like Buchanan and Steyn, concerned about too many brown babies?)

Harsanyi is being used to reinforce this new right wing attack on Holdren which is popular in the conspiracy crowd; but Harsanyi is no stranger to conspiracy himself. He suggested that Barack Obama’s call to national service was really all about “creating an internal security force.” (right, the plans are being drafted in Area 51 as we speak.) It obvious that Harsanyi is not an Obama fan and claimed, erroneously, that Obama did not call for teacher accountability. In citing the statistic that 90% of those who carry fetuses with Down’s Syndrome chose an abortion, he said “Does it mean the end of the disease or are we stepping perilously close to eugenics?”

Comment: Despite Fox Nation’s mission statement about not engaging in bias, it’s clear that this article, by a biased author whose views are in synch with Fox Nation, was chosen to reinforce the bias that Fox Nation is peddling with the two attacks on John Holdren. Fox Nation does seem like political science fiction with it’s “war of the worlds” world view. But as far as content, we’re talking “killer clowns from outer space!”

Note - the "czar" crown pictured beside Holdren is actually the great imperial crown of Catherine the Great. She was a czarina, not a czar. Just saying....